Snake Gets A New Friend (Metal Gear Solid 5)

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When an uneasy alliance is formed between two completely different animals!

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dumbass "No hostages in here"
I know solid snake is old but hes not a dumbass
stupid ass think hostages in there
it was just a bunch of bootleg men in black bitches

Radical! It's so damn cute, and I just love the part where they both look badass for a second. The jokes were on point too--you got me with that bit right at the end. Still sad about the whole Konami thing though. Its almost as bad as Capcom with making megaman games :(

ConeZone responds:

Aw, thanks man, that really makes me feel proud, appreciate the kind words! :) I know, it's that dark clouds hanging over our heads that Konami is not developing any more AAA games. :(