Block & Guy - Episode 1: The Spink-Tinkeling

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Block and Guy, two not at all trademarked characters, are resting in mid adventure. What happens next might make you vaguely interested!

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This movie was very cool as I Was Watching it. I Really liked this movie. i think it was enjoyable and was not spooky at all. The characters were amazing and cool. Block Really reminds me of Minecraft. I Have not that game yet. Guy reminds me of Skyrim, which i do not know what Skyrim is really about. The graphics were awesome and colorful. The animation is awesome and i really enjoyed the animation as i was watching this movie.
Overall this movie was amazing and i loved the animation. Keep up the Awesome work

combatwhale responds:

thanks Food!!

Original and creative, could be re-named "Minecraft goes on adventure with Terraria" due to the blockhead guy and the barbarian (viking?). Eh, thats just my opinion.

combatwhale responds:

Thanks ^.^

You blew my mind with your sh...i..

combatwhale responds:

Ah tank u sir!