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Two friends decide to break out from the isolated, crumbling, cursed place they've been living in, and experience the unknown.

Created by
Tamás Börönte
Zoltán Debreczeni
Emi Farmosi
Gábor Mariai
Balázs Rónyai

at MOME University

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As dark and creepy as the rest was (in a very good way mind you), I found the ending very moving for some reason. Amazing work overall!

Dark story, great animation!!!!!!!!

cool as hell

This... this is a perfect example of the reason I keep coming back to NG. I would love it if this story continued. Keep up the amazing work!

Amazing combination of different artstyles, great use of colours. Atmosphere thoughout the whole animation felt heavy which made it both intriguing and scary. I love it, absolutely, although you left it kind of unfinished. What happens after, what's in the forest? Are you going to make a continuation of this story? Or maybe some different stories located in this dark and twisted universe? I would love to see more and get to know your concept of the destroyed world you showed us!