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Author Comments

Note: The previous version had a pretty serious bug with Chrome. It's fixed now, but if the game doesn't load for you you'll need to either clean you cache, or try using another browser such as Firefox. Apologies for the inconvenience.

New in Beta2 (patch1)
-Reduced size by quite a lot (will improve load times)
-Added furnishings to the dungeon.
-Fixed some bugs (including one channel sound)

More coming soon!

Endurance is an old-school dungeon crawler with rogue like elements. I'm making this game as a hobby project before I start university in 2016.

For updates, and to download the stand alone version, goto www.playendurance.com

The game is in Beta at the moment, which means it's playable, but still has quite a few issues to work out. I hope to make frequent updates, and appreciate any feedback you might have.

Thanks for playing Endurance :)

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One of the best games on the site.
Going to try downloading the stand alone version also.
This is basically how an RPG SHOULD be done for anyone who wants to make one.
Yes, I could make some suggestions, but this is brilliant and fun.

Well done. I'm working on a dungeon crawler myself and I know it's tough to get right.

At first I was disappointed with the combat system (seeing little sprites in my UI instead of 3D monsters in the dungeon), but after I kept with it for a bit, I actually found it quite refreshing.

Keep up the great work. I look forward to more.

Just reached level 30 with thieves guild, how am I supposed to get 1000000 gold to join the assasin one? Game still needs work, but I like it, and I think it has potential.

This is a Beta, only submit complete games. Include more content and better graphics.

Ahhh... a good ol' dungeon crawler, been looking for one to keep me busy for a while, and here it is. I downloaded the standalone version, and I've been entertained a good bit, so I'll throw ya my 2 cents on what's good and what could be improved.

1: The battle system needs work, a tiny little display for the monsters at the top is kinda weak. It does the trick, but I completely missed my first few fights, then wondered where I took damage from before I realized combat was done entirely within that lil' top window. A bigger pop-up image of the monster(s) when you hit an encounter would ensure someone knows when and what they're fighting, although some art would be involved. Maybe make it so you can't move in a fight, but have a flee option?

2: I like the level up system, though it could use improvement. It took a while to figure out how my skills increased, also I find it a little odd that a fighter's dagger proficiency climbs higher than swords or axes/maces, while the thief's dagger proficiency lags behind. On a different note, I like how you 'pinned' levels after a level up, as it keeps you from going too deep.

3: Useless items? In the standalone version I found several healing potions... which, when I double clicked them, didn't heal my injured characters at all. The only use I found for them was selling for extra cash. I also found several 'scrolls of endless words' which seemed to do nothing. Not sure why you included items that don't seem to have a function... Or if I'm just using them wrong?

4: The spell system is a bit boring. I'm not just talking about wizards.. Why not give fighters like a 'heavy blow' or 'guard' ability or something? Or thieves the ability to pickpocket mid combat / 100% backstab ability, or stealth? Filling those bottom slot bars would be satisfying. It seems all classes have spell points with no use for them, though I haven't seen the upper ranks yet (assassin/healer etc) so I may be jumping the gun here...
Also, some various effects in the wizard spells would be nice... like, flame dart having a chance to do ongoing damage, and ice bolt having a chance to slow/freeze, things like that. I'd like to see you get creative with it.

5: I like that death among the party isn't permanent and only costs a chunk of silver after level 10, although it makes it seem like death isn't a large penalty... That was, until my giant lost a strength point. Serious kick to the groin bro. Although a small chance of losing a stat is a decent punishment for dying. Pretty clever.

6: The exploration concept is very well done, especially the visuals of moving around and turning, and being able to look around. Probably the best part about this game. I enjoyed mapping out the floors and stumbling upon the occasional secret door. The only improvement here I could see is being able to interact with things in the dungeon, like the books on tables, barrels, or that chest guarded by the baby red dragon. And traps! What's a dungeon without sinister traps? ..Also, my characters sometimes noticed a 'floor stud' or something... What is that, exactly?

7: Gear is a little on the bland side. I don't know if you included magic gear deeper in the dungeon, or intend to in the future, but having weaps/armor with magic perks would spice things up a lot. Having to wait til apprentice/journeyman to use a specific item is kinda irritating, so having magic perks would be a good supplement to the game. Also... why must each piece of basic gear be identified over and over again, despite having done it before? Surely there are better ways of depleting the gold and silver gained over time.

8: The monsters... Well, the monsters seem to be well thought out. The dread of finding my first swarm of red ants and pounding mercilessly into them while they bossed through my attacks and trickled my life away was pretty good. And the hill giant I found hiding behind a secret door, who smashed down my characters in one hit was nice and menacing.
Maybe you could give more specific abilities to some of the monsters, instead of just extra toughness and extra hitting power. I noticed some creatures poison you, so maybe you're already on that route. As for suggestions, perhaps monsters that disappear and pop up later in a different battle to have backup. Or mages or giants that can make and attack on all characters at once. Those pickpockets and thieves could dive into your gold count or inventory, maybe even fleeing to a different part of the dungeon afterwards. Slowing effects, weakening effects. Stat-hindering diseases that can only be cured in the temple at a hefty price. Or dreaded EXP drain. The possibilities of imagination are endless.

TL;DR: All in all despite the room for improvement, this is an awesome lil game you got going on here. I would have given 2.5-3 stars tops, but being it's a beta I'm throwing out 4.5 just for sheer potential. I hope you go MLG proscope on this project because I could definitely see it being a 5 star game.

Credits & Info

3.32 / 5.00

Oct 8, 2015
6:55 AM EDT