StripClick v0.01

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Hi guys! We're a visual novel studio but our programmer made a small easter egg a while back - or rather, an unfinished clicker/idle game with clothes damage and bouncing boobs.

This is mostly pointless abandonware (meaning, the development of it has been abandoned), but we thought somebody might enjoy it. Our programmer could maybe be persuaded to make a real game out of it if there was enough interest - who knows!

Downloadable version (game is actually HD) if you want to play fullscreen available here: https://www.patreon.com/posts/stripclick-v-0-3530450

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Ok, I've reached 16050 coins to see if something changed... few changes but now I've to rest my finger xD

like the game, but why is the shop un-available, is it always going to be that way? because it would improve the game vastly if you added the shop menu, possibly make it more like clicker hero or something but with the added plus of nudity ;), just wishing it would as it would be such an amazing game

How do i open the shop??

Great artwork, great animation (breasts are held together by a bra and then sag after the bra is torn), and I love the variation of hair colors and skin colors, very good stuff. I'd ask for more pubic hair styles and breast styles.

Hope this becomes something greater one day!

I do know that this development has been abandoned though I wouldn't mind a story wise version of this game like Re:Maid and Crusoe had it easy. Maybe even make it go with those games some way. I am rating it a four stars because it still kinda fun even if it is pointless (All games are pointless really other than being fun)