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Social Media Dangers and Stuff

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Well I see your points... but thats the internet and social media is different.. you dont see much porn and much gore on facebook and instagram and most of the games on facebook like farmville and games with "energy" you have to wait. You say its for "social media" but its for internet in general... Ever heard of parental settings they solve some of your problems.... and i rest my case....

Couldn't agree more!

Learn how to fucking review! Jesus...

So what the fuck are you trying to say here? That the internet is bad? Yeah no shit sherlock

Sheesh when did this site get all preachy?

nathanboss03 responds:

Well, no "no shit sherlock" the site isn't, and I'm expressing the danger with strong language and images, no shit bitch I'd like you not be a hater and posissibly be a fucking being and vote at least half a star that way you'll be half the smug ass you are. Other than your bull shit watch cyberbullying that way I might change my mind about you. then we can talk.

Wasn't particularly impressed by the presentation, animation, or the content. It wasn't horrible, but it wasn't very good either.

lets see here.....

bad grammar.....
video games ...........

I feel like the Mormons that spoke at my school are responsible for this....

Meh. Did not care for it.