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Got reallyyyy bored. Sorry guys! XD

Hint: Gotta click 6 times at the beginning if you're wondering why nothing is happening. Keep on' clickin'!


Fine game for patient people.
PS: Sometimes for me XD

I usually don't help people, but with games like these... I mean, it's better if I give a hint, than you getting sued for broken mouses of ng users, right? Anyway, tab and space are friends that make your mouse live another day.

1 point for extremely detailed graphics, I usually turn off the music, but the one in game is delicious, so 1 point, also 1 point for interactivity and overall feel. Game of the year for sure!

This game is not bad, just simply boring.
It is an average, some sort of idle game, but it lacks addictive factors in it. Seriously?! Just click your brains off for some useless medals? I'd doubt that.
Moreover, there are no music, no good graphics, and far too boring goals.
And I really think that exposing the goal to get the medal is not a good idea--it makes the goal feels more unreachable.

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Three stars for honesty. -1/2 for 9,999,999 required.


I don't suppose you've heard of Brian Clevinger and his idea that the best joke is played on the audience? Good joke man.

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1.79 / 5.00

Sep 27, 2015
2:20 AM EDT
Adventure - Point 'n Click