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Dawn Of The Sniper 2

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Dawn Of The Sniper 2 offers more zombies to shoot, new guns and upgrades to buy, more head shots to collect and more achievements to acquire! This free action sequel is packed with all new missions in post-apocalyptic environments. Use your sniper skills to shoot the incoming zombie menace and protect the humans. The survivors need your help!

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the game was not to good on graphics but it was so adictive and at times it was adrenalinic and sometime frustating

awesome thanks Brutal Studio

Cheat Code
Auto Reload FAST

No Breathing effects LUNGS

Zombies move slower LAZY

Triple cash rewards TRUMP

Unlock all guns LOCKNLOAD

some cheats ;3

Okay game though I must agree that the weapons upgrade system is jacked up. It was easier to wait when I could fully upgrade the next weapon instead of getting stuck with a lesser rifle. One thing about this that is a (albeit slight) improvement is that you actually have to lead the running zombies to get a headshot on them. In the first game you could aim dead on them and hit. They are still a little too easy to shoot though.

I actually really liked this game...

Crisp Artwork
Great feel on the gun fire animation and sound
Good Performance

The Cons take a bit more elaboration, and fixing these things is pretty easy I think and could turn a good game in to a great game:
-Trivial Difficulty - 3 stars shouldn't be the norm - I played all but the last few levels and it just rarely got hectic. Headshot hitbox seems too large, maybe I'm wrong, but I don't think I'm as good as this game made me feel. This would be punishing, but perhaps consider adding friendly fire to make saving those friendlies a truly intense moment, and the zoom feature a lot more important (you honestly didn't need to zoom to win)
-Gun upgrade system - As another reviewer noted, it was bugged where you couldn't change weapons. Also, the system rewards upgrading a weapon far more than getting a new weapon, making any one of the weapons fully upgraded as good as buying another weapon. This isn't terrible, but you never have a chance to enjoy the different guns and their characteristics. I can tell that you were going for each gun being best at a job, so what I would recommend is....

Equalize the price on guns so that they each have their strengths and weaknesses, and let the level layout and challenges dictate which would be best for the scenario. For example, considering my previous suggestions, a level where survivors get jumped with little notice may be ideal for high precision weapons, and one where the zombies come in large waves may be better for higher capacity weapons. More perhaps could be done, but there's that.

Also, the hulking zombies were really unrewarding. Triple shots to the body were easy and just didn't make them feel threatening.

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3.70 / 5.00

Sep 24, 2015
3:04 PM EDT