Mizuki Tour

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Pornstar Diva Mizuki who's become even more famous after featured in numbers of MNF games now is having her boyfriend Baka as a producer. This month they go on her promo tour across the U.S.

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Hi, I love ur games. Do u know of anyone who could create a Diva Mizuki game, with it being a lesbian game and her being fucked by a large strap-on. I think everyone would love that.

the other games were better

The animations are good but it's way too short! Still a good job though.

You know a porn game is bad when it doesn't even give you an erection, I mean come on man you used to be my goto guy before, because YOU were the best, and I really did enjoy your games but know you've changed, or you gave away your account to someone else, you used to have really great games with actually hot chicks you can't just slap a face on something and multiply the boobs by like 3 times the normal amount that doesn't make a girl hot and story you used to have GREAT story building abilities which let us get to know the girl we were fucking but know one maybe two lines. Not even sure if I should come here anymore, I might as well look up hippo porn THAT at least gets me hard. I'm only giving you half a star because I want you to try and do better not just for the community or me but for you so you can see how good you are and you can reach your full potential, your other games, before this whole "Ok we gotta keep our newgrounds account active, lets go into MnF find the worst fucking possible game double that already HUGE boob size and publish this shit!" I would've gladly given 5 stars but now you just lost someone who used to adore your games and you probably don't even care but I care what you are producing because sometimes I just want to get a rock hard boner and play a game about sex while fapping. But I guess I'll just have to go to those lame porn sites that have sucky animations or not even half of your good new games because you want me to go to your full MnF site. Trust me why do you think I'm here? I would go to there in a heartbeat if I had enough to spend well I do but I don't get that strange urge very often so I don't want to pay outrageous prices for a one time thing that might happen.

Really really love how this one jumps (or pounds, rather) straight into the action with some DEEP anal, love Mizuki's big breasts and the looks of pleasure on her face- she enjoys it just like she should be!

after cumming in her amazingly fat ass we are graced by her perfect mouth-watering tits...fuck. yes. the foot looks a little thin here; but it's hard to do angles in this sort of style so I can give it a pass. god i love the way she looks up with those beautiful eyes while getting her face fucked, Mizuki is sooo so hot looking here. and to ice the cake we get to cum in her mouth >:) great demo