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Amanda Cluett

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An idle game about a historical figure​.

Created for Local History Game Jam.

Thanks to the following patrons for funding this game on Patreon:

* David Lin
* Joshua Jennings
* Tommy Pedersen
* Jacob Clark
* Adam Vierra
* Gerardo Valerio

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lovely idle game.. .. i'm not usually one to stir water buti see some negative comments bout there not being much to do.. those who say that must not realise what idle games are.. good job on this and keep up the good work!

I can tell you were trying to send across a political message through this game, but there isn't much 'game' to speak of. All you do is wait and click buttons to increase an imaginary score. There is no fail state, no repercussions for the wrong actions and thus no adrenaline rush.

OmiyaGames responds:

Hey, thanks for the feedback, and for everyone else, too! It's fascinating to see how different people react to the game, and I really do appreciate all of you for giving this game a chance.

In regards to a political message, to be completely honest, I never really thought of it like that. As noted in the description, I happen to be in a local history jam, and came upon a story of one Women's Suffrage activist that I thought would be cool to retell in a Cookie Clicker-like format. The intent was simply dramatize what is already a historical fact, so I never really took the story as political statement.

In regards to Idle Games being boring, well I'm right with you there. I always thought the main draw of these games were the narrative, especially if they contextualize what you're doing in wildly fantastical ways, and I was hoping to deliver on that front. Either way, I hope the experience came out to at least be interesting.

there is nothing to do in this game

It's interesting, but for some reason it keeps crashing my chrome. But I liked the idea =)

I would not call this a game par say but it's a fun time killer if nothing else. I would have like to not have to read everything the people say but aside from that it's good.

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2.93 / 5.00

Sep 23, 2015
1:42 PM EDT