Jebus Brawl

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Hello everyone! Here is my Madness Day 2015 submission. I would've made this longer if I could, but college got in the way (again) this year. At least there's blood this time. Hope you enjoy.

P.S. Please add to Madness Day 2015 collection

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The Newer Jebus wins!
the Classic jebus loses!

Crazymonkey154 responds:

Quite true

anybody knows that Jebus is in fact Dr.Christoff?
how christoff became the savior if he's already jebus in madness combat 1?

Crazymonkey154 responds:

Yes, I did know he is Christoff. Keep in mind that Episode 1.5 of Project Nexus takes place before the main Madness series. Jebus is just an alias he uses. My guess is he became the savior by defeating Phobos.

1) You forgot MC8 Jebus and Dead Jebus, but... yes, also put Christoff (you're right @boomman25134)
2) Why you put play/pause buttons? It's short.
Anyway, good job!

Crazymonkey154 responds:

Like I previously said, MC8 Jebus is basically the same as MC7 Jebus except MC7 has glasses. The difference isn't very significant. I didn't have sprites of Christoff when making this and still don't have any of him :/. Dead Jebus would be entirely pointless because of the fact that he's (obviously) dead. Play/pause buttons were used because I felt like it :P. This is of course far from perfect, but I'm glad you enjoyed it.

you missed the dr.christoff version of him :)

Crazymonkey154 responds:

As nice as that would've been, I don't have a fully comprehensive sprite sheet of Project Nexus. The one I got was released before episode 1.5 was released :/. I would love to have that as well as a full sound sheet and would be highly grateful if anybody could give those to me.

Hey, it wasn't much - but it's nice to see a new thing from you! :).

Crazymonkey154 responds:

It is :)

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Sep 22, 2015
11:02 PM EDT

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