First Taste! Anime Opening

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Youtube release: October 2014

"On an average day, while finishing up an order, a simple worker accidentally knocked a vial of radioactive material into a bucket of ice cream. Thus, Hallie was born to roam the world and spread "sweetness" and fun throughout!

To keep Hallie a secret, the worker took her home and dressed her, and adopted her as his own daughter. The two quickly became close. Happily ever after, right?

There's just one problem: Hallie is made of ICE CREAM!!!

Hallie does her best to live life like a normal girl; although she can't go outside on hot days (if she does...she melts). How can a human made of ice cream possibly fit into this world? How can she go to school, without her friends knowing what she really is? Will she ever find her true meaning in life?"

This here's my winning entry for the First Taste Double-Themed Art Contest held in DeviantArt.

Prismatic Lollipops - music composion by DJ Mashiro

Hallie - mascot of First Taste Multimedia

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I liked the opening

Once again, you're animation quality blasts most of anything else on Newgrounds off this planet. Reminds me of some cutesy anime opening like Dragon Maid's or something... Nice job!

I would watch the crap out of this!

I like this! Smooth animation and overall fun. I would totally support this being made into a series. Like, take my money and everything. :3 5/5

Nice smooth animation.

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4.14 / 5.00

Sep 22, 2015
9:51 AM EDT
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