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Blocky's Escape

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World 1 Perfect 10 Points

Collect all 20 stars in World 1

World 2 Perfect 25 Points

Collect all 40 stars in World 2

World 3 Perfect 50 Points

Collect all 60 stars in World 3

Author Comments

Blocky's Escape is a puzzle game that challenges you to find a way to the exit.

Use arrow keys or WASD to move blocky.
Avoid traps and don't fall into the pink slime.
Activate buttons to manipulate the level and create new paths.
Use Spacebar to switch characters when there are more than one in a level.
Challenge your brain through 60 levels of increasing difficulty.

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Very fun!

Good game....... Quite imaginative puzzles...... I take a while for realize how to get the star in the level 1-15 XD......

Really nice Puzzle game. The levels are challenging without being frustrating and the animation is really cute. 5/5

Not bad.

So, this is a pretty nice puzzle game! It was longer than I expected, and the levels are pretty good.

I really like the graphics, they look cutesy but simple, representing exactly what they need to represent for the gameplay, and without going overboard with detail. The music's pretty nice as well, it's catchy and well made, but doesn't disrupt our thinking at all.

Now, the gameplay consists of getting one or more "Blockies" to an exit within a stage. To do that, you might need to step on breakable tiles, press switches to control movable platforms, deactivate electrical fences, deal with conveyor belts and hatches that lead straight into the pink goo below the floor. In some levels, there's more than just one Blocky, and you have to make them cooperate in order to allow every single one of them to reach the end. Also, in each level, you can get some extra stars if you step on star tiles as well, serving as a "skill test" to the player. The features in the game are ideal for this kind of problem solving puzzle, and they're put to reasonably good use in the levels, making for some pretty interesting situations.

Now, for the flaws. The controls are one thing that annoyed me a bit: they feel rather delayed, and that became really noticeable the more I advanced to later, wider levels. That kinda threw me off at first, but thankfully, it didn't completely ruin the experience. Also, while all levels are fun to traverse, most of them are rather easy to figure out, which can be kind of a bummer for more experienced puzzle gamers. But still, being able to remain fun in spite of being easy is an achievement, when I come to think of it.

So yeah, nice game overall. Looks nice, fun to play, but a bit easy and with delayed controls.

imperiousinteractive responds:

Thank you for the detailed review!