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Hambert's Dumb Adventure

rated 2.60 / 5 stars
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Action - Shooter - Horizontal Flight

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Sep 22, 2015 | 12:19 AM EDT

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Author Comments

SPACE = Shoot

Don't let the government stop you with their helicopters, planes, air mines, or jets. Beware of pirates, UFOs, and saw blades. First four levels unlocked. How nice. Must sign up (for free!) to get on the top scores.




Mere screenshots do not do this action-packed game justice. The mega-sized flying hamster Hambert is free (in more ways than one)! Take control of the winged menace as he terrorizes the skies by accident. Shoot foolish planes, helicopters, jets, pirate ships, and more with pellets, peanuts, fireballs, hammers, tacos, cupcakes, cats, and over 12 different weapons! Avoid spike balloons, cannon balls, rocks, giant saw blades (What are they doing in the sky?) and fireworks. Collect bonus rings, cookies, hearts, and obnoxious and explosive weapons on your flight through the skies of Chaoticas, and even into outer space! How far can you travel?

- Play Adventure, Marathon, or Monthly Challenge.
- Venture through 15 different areas any way you like in Adventure Mode
- Collect Weapons like Peanuts, Dynomite, Hambert's Song, or Sunshine.
- Levels randomize, providing unexpected changes every time you play.
- Beat all 15 Levels in one game? Earn 500 SCP Coins!

Game Modes:

- Adventure Mode - Fly through 8 levels in any order.
- Marathon Mode - Fly through the endless clouds as far as you can.
- Flappy Mode - Fly over The Great Sea through large blocks.

Game Power Ups:

- Ring: Adds points
- Heart: Refills life meter
- Cookie: Speed Up!
- Question Block: Gives you one of the following items:
• Peanuts: Large food that can shrink Red Spikes
• Dynomite: Explosives can take down Red Spikes
• Hambert's Song: Sound waves that can clear your path
• Sunshine: Fireballs that can destroy anything
• Confetti: A spray of confetti that can take down planes
• Hamster Balls: Super fast, super straight balls of destruction
• Hammers: Fling Hammers that slice right through almost anything
• Cats: When did Hambert eat all these cats? Why are they exploding?
• Hambert's Hum: Small sound waves that spread out all over the place
• Lasers: Hambert can shoot laser beams? Slice through almost anything
• Tacos: Maybe these were not good tacos
• Cupcakes: Why are these cupcakes exploding?

Game Enemies:

- Red Planes/UFOs: Little planes that fire one shot at you
- Blue Planes/UFOs: Little planes that fire three shots at you
- Red Spike Balloons: Explosive balloons that shrink when shot
- Blue Spike Balloons: Explosive balloons that cannot be stopped
- GovTech Helicopter: Choppers that swoop in and fire a spray of bullets
- GovTech Fighter: Superfast Jets that come from behind
- GovTech Bomber: Large planes that take more than a few shots
- Pirate Ship: Boats that fire machine gun fire, fireballs, or cannonballs
- Fireworks: Small fireballs that explode into more
- Mega Fireball: Yeah, self explanatory there



Rated 3 / 5 stars

couple things...

1) with games like these they really need a rapid fire
2) the controls are too floaty, when you move the character he continues to move even after you let go of the button.

scpgames responds:

1) I can understand that. All my games are meant for iPad/iPhone, and while testing on those devices, Rapid Fire just didnt feel right, so I did not include it.

2) The 'floatyness' is part of the character and meant to also be part of the challenge. Collecting more COOKIES makes the reaction time faster.