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Yet Another World

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Author Comments

Demo version (available 2 chapters of the 8). Full version available on Steam.

Full controller support.

a/d (left arr/right arr) – move
w (up arr) – jump
space – farts
esc – pause

Full version description:
-It’s a hardcore and at the same time relaxing game. The project uses quiet, meditative music.
-The game is not filled with boring dialogs. The characters communicate and express their emotions using icons.
-There’s a large variety of different obstacles and pitfalls. New traps and obstacles appear every 10 levels.
-You can even use the death of the hero for a benefit in some levels!
-Colorful graphics in minimal style.
-8 chapters, 120 levels, more than 15 hours of gaming. There is enough hardcore for a long time.

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On UCBrowser (Based on chromium) the game is not taking fullscreen, also a black square appears and disappears randomly.

Edit: No, the score is not because of the fullscreen, but because of the random black square filling the screen.
I tested it today, 31/03/2021 on Edge Chromium, still happening.

hostagetest responds:

You rated the game 2.5 / 5 only because in your browser game is not taken fullscreen mode? Thank, you very generous.

I'd give the game a better score, but your "lose to the boss" has a major flaw; I had to lose to him nearly 8 to 10 times (or more. I lost count) in order to move on. Is that normal? Even if it is, that's just annoying. Also, I had to start from level 1 in order to reach him again. After the fourth or fifth time, it began letting me start at level 2 and 3 and kept moving up from there, but I finally managed to reach the sixth level.

What problems did I find with this?
- Well, I'm sorry to say, but it was a bit boring. And before you say it gets better later, that's no excuse. I'm not the only person who has stated this so the fact stands that the game is boring early on. There are thousands of games out there so you shouldn't expect a player to hang around with a game, hoping for it to get better. It is your job to hook them in and be grateful that they took the time to try your game. If you want to solve this problem, move the interesting stuff up, so that it occurs earlier.
- There was no real challenging platforming necessary since you give the player an extremely powerful jump to where they can reach places that allow them to skip parts of the level. There's also no real drive to get all the objects (except out of curiosity, but even this got old after a few levels as they are shown to do nothing for the player. No unlockable content or levels or abilities).
- It was kind of cool that in order to get them all, you had to go off the screen to get to places and use clever jumps to reach portals, but the teleportation into the confined tunnel spaces is just mundane as it is literally "get from point A to point B" and the controls are way too touchy and slide too much for a game that places you in a confined space with spikes that you have to double jump to get over because the ceiling is so low (as well as the fact that in such a space, a jump can basically launch you into spikes, forcing you to sometimes hit your head on the ceiling to get around objects. Basically, you gave the player too much power in a world where it does not match the difficulty or space required to truly enjoy it.
- the spikes and falling blocks are also cheap deaths as they blend into the environment too much. You have the normal speed of the character moving very fast, making players inclined to try and blaze through the levels, where this will just lead to death since you probably can't see the subtle details that give away the traps while you are moving (unless you already know where they are).
- the level design looks so similar everywhere that when I come out of a portal, I don't know if I'm near a familiar part of the level (the only things that give it off are the rings.
- Some of your tunnels go pretty close to the bottom of the screen, which wouldn't be too bad if touching it didn't kill you. You're tunnels are already confined so why not give the player a little leeway and only have the death occur if they are completely off screen?
- Losing a ring and having it placed where you were last killed forces the player to backtrack, which is a bane to many players. You could think of it as a punishment for dying, but isn't having to start back from the beginning of the level and go all the way back to the new locations that you were near before punishment enough than making the player lose one of their rings. There's also major problem with this since if you fall off a ledge into an abyss, the ring will sometimes appear in places that will be unreachable without killing yourself in the process, making completing the level with all rings impossible.
- What do the apples really do for the player during the first few levels other than the boss battle? I know you use them later with the fish (which is pretty cool), but other than that, do they have another function?
- Maybe this isn't the case for everyone, but the sound doesn't work for me (I'm playing on Safari. Can that have something to do with it)?
- You can't tell where a fall will lead because you can't move the camera to see it so you have to take a leap, which usually results in death, either by falling into an abyss or onto a spike.
- the signs you put up are very vague. when I saw it on the water level, I thought it might be for the water as you had no picture indicating what the danger was (before that levels, I didn't see any reason to have them since the only dangers were falling blocks, spikes, and the abyss, which all could have had signs in the first few levels).
- What's the story of the game? Why is the player moving from portal to portal. Why should we collect rings?
- In level 18, the number for the counter for the rings disappeared, leaving just a ring up in the corner.
- Some of the traps in the game seems almost unavoidable.

I want to say I like the underwater level portions because they fix the speed problem and force you to think out your next move carefully when faced with traps. The only thing it doesn't fix is the jump speed.

My suggestions:
- someone suggested a checkpoint system in one of the other comments
- Hide a few rings in the level while other you have to get through missions that the player needs to figure out like "kill all the fish" and after doing so, the ring will appear on the pedestal. This will force the player to experiment with the environment and explore the world you created.
- Create more diverse level objects.
- Reduced the speed of the character, but add a run button that makes the player move faster when the player chooses.
- Make traps move noticeable, especially the spikes.
- Fix the problems I mentioned.

I wish you good luck on your game's release on Steam.

hostagetest responds:

WOW! Thank for GREAT feedback!

Some comments.
-Boring. Yes I know about this and I try to solve this problem. For me it is important to understand at what level the player gets bored. New traps appear after every 10 levels.
-The more the player will collect the rings - the easier it is to pass the last level of chapter. In some levels there is places for located unloсkable content. I do not force the player to collect all the rings on the level.
-Bottom of the screen. It's a good idea, I'll do this.
-Losing rings. I just got feedback other players who want a full restart level. Die - and restart level with rocks and 0 rings. how to be? )))
Yes, sometimes a player dies in the place from where it is almost impossible to pick up the ring. But I do not make the easy game.
-Apples. Apples allowed to fart gases. Gases, in turn, affect some traps. For example, is converted into a stream of cold fire.
Tubers are allowed to fart blasts. explosions collapsing stones, kindle fire from the cold jet, killing fish, and more.
I will not list all the possible explosion and gas farts (in the game there is also another kind of fart, but the demo version it is not, it appears in future missions).
Fart - an optional feature. The game can go without using farting
-Game in development and part of the sound effects is not have. And those that are - the time and should be replaced.
-More often, on a safe place trees and shrubs. if you can not see the surface, where it is necessary to fall, and can not see vegetation - can produce intelligence - jump down and immediately jump to the top. maybee, need to add a function to squat down - camera will move down.
-In on the water shows two icons - the skull and then fish. I think here it is clear that death is a fish.
-The game's story is supplied gradually. At the beginning of each chapter is displayed in order. where are the rings. what are they doing. In the end the player will have a very unusual interchange.
-18 lvl - its a bug. I'll check it constant or intermittent.

Your suggestions:
-No, checkpoints in the game will not (except for two chapters)
-It good idea, I'll try to do this, and I'll think about it.
-I have some objects,which I have not yet used in the game.
-run/walk, need to think about it.

Great feedback, I'll think about all what you told me and try to do better for all players.

I can't say that I like or dislike it.
While having a single orb(?) drop upon death and attempting to grab it from a spike pit is the challenge entailed in such a challenge which while frustrating I have no problems about and rather enjoy the concept; the one main qualm I have is the no option to succeed in the first boss battle period. Every game that has ever done that has always left a sour memory. I would at least like the option to be able to defeat a difficult boss and still have the same thing end up happening anyway(think of Kingdom Hearts when you first fight Leon in Traverse Town; Sora faints whether you win or lose but you can still get the satisfaction of winning).
a meter for how long your gas lasts wouldn't be out of place either.

hostagetest responds:

Game is not have fart-o-meter because the use is optional. Game can pass without farts. But the attentive player can use it to your advantage.

Not good.

hostagetest responds:

Not bad.

I was expecting IWBTG or VVVVVV or something challenging, this is not hardcore. I beat stage 15 and just could not bring myself to play through the rest of it. Mediocre is the perfect word for this. I would not ever pay for something like this, when there are better alternatives for free elsewhere.

hostagetest responds:

In hardcore games in the first levels are simple, you did know about this? 15 level? lol. Its only start, in game 120 lvls (in this demo - only 2 chapters, 30 levels). You think all levels will be as simple as a 15 level? I'm sure many levels from the middle or the end of the game will be for you an insurmountable obstacle. Because I myself could hardly pass them.

Credits & Info

2.75 / 5.00

Sep 21, 2015
7:31 PM EDT