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So this is my final major project for my first year in level 3 media at college. I had like 3 months to make a 5-10 minute long short film, & it wasn't very smart to make my film an animation cuz animation takes a very long time to do & the finished product is extremely rushed. I personally think it's "Eh", but it got a good response at college & landed me a good grade. You be the judge. xD
Japanese influence too, so, that's the reason for it's weird name. xD

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I agree with rancky, but more so in musical changes to fit mood. Sound effects can very quickly ruin a mood.

I have to say, it's a bit drawn-out, but makes me wonder about what sort of metaphor that bear can be. Child-like innocence, comfort, and so on. In the case of innocence, it would be Yasuko, but the bear would be some sort of courageous exploration.

If it were a sense of comfort I would disagree with the message, but if it were something internal or external that symbolizes and embodies the idea of "putting yourself out there", I'm curious as to what it is. Something that I've been lacking and only seldom find.

Outside of this, nice work. :)

An adorable animation, the style worked well with the simplistic movement. Music worked well with your story, but l couldn't help but feel at some parts some sound effects would make it better. Some places it felt empty without it, but at the same time, having just music worked well too.
Good job!

Ok, I gotta be honest... The teddy bear irish-whipping her out the window seriously cracked me up! Did not see that one coming!
All in all, it's an emotional roller-coaster. And I very much enjoyed the ride!

Dude, this is just amazing, i hope you have more ideas like this for your upcoming animations!

Dude, that was incredible..........................

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3.85 / 5.00

Sep 20, 2015
9:34 PM EDT