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Author Comments

Guide your fledgling empire from its beginnings as a single, small village. Order your peasants to construct new buildings. Grow your village into a town. Research innovations, and recruit the troops you need to defend yourself - or to go on the attack.

Surrounding your lands are other real players seeking to do the same. You can befriend them, form alliances and clans, and work together to strengthen your hold on a hostile landscape. Or you can crush the fools for being in your way - by word or by sword, the world is yours to conquer!

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The concept is good enough, it is an empire building game where things take time to build and grow. In that way it is fairly typical.

Like every game out there, this one has rules against cheating. For this type of game, the most common cheat is using multiple accounts. This is against the rules of course, but it is not enforced.

The devs and mods just dont care. Not only do they not care, they dont even follow their own rules that they put in writing. In the rules it is also forbidden to use the Stewardship feature to multi account and to benefit your own account. They dont even enforce that.

People also make a bunch of fake new accounts so that they will have more villages to take over.

Back to the mods / devs, they also dont respond at all, unless you are a long time player and you know them. You send an in game email, you can click the "?" to send the support team a message, and you can send the account a message on the platform you logged into and they simply will ignore you.

There are a bunch of new account here, like mine, because the devs asked us to come here and vote the game up. I decided to come here and tell the truth instead.

BDAEntertainment responds:

Hello Copernicus,

Cheating is a common problem for any competitive game, and it is something that we take very seriously. We strive to ensure a level playing field for all players, and anyone found to have violated the rules is punished accordingly, up to and including full account bans.

Like the vast majority of games out there, we rely on players to report suspicious behavior. Once they receive a report our support team investigates each claim. Support has a wide variety of tools for assessing whether cheating occurred or not, and can access logs of just about any action taken in the game. Fooling them is very difficult.

Most of the time, players who get reported did nothing wrong except play well or coordinate well with other players. Some times we run into players who claim they were cheating, but did not in fact break the rules. Actual instances of multi-account abuse are infrequent, though they do happen. We just banned one fellow and his half-dozen accounts last week.

When you send reports in about Terms of Use violations, you will usually only get the automated response. Current support policy is not to discuss the results of an investigation with anyone but the party being looked into. Just because you did not get a personal reply to a report does not mean it was ignored!

If you have contacted support about any other kind of problem and have not received a reply, please let me know the case number. I am happy to make sure you receive the assistance and care we strive to give all players.

Yes, what the reviewer below said is true they did mess the dates up and release the attack freeze 2 days early in the middle of the day when most people could not respond. And as of yet offer no solution to the mix up. Something the reviewer did not include is prior to this attack freeze the devs removed all support troops from all fortresses and sent them back to their original fortress. This left many fortresses without enough troops in them to defend themselves. So while in this vulnerable position they then ended the attack freeze 2 days early and in the middle of the work day.

The only response so far has been a shaky reply saying "oops I made a mistake" but well after the damage was done and no further information.

Some of us still vested are continuing to play, but I could not recommend this game to new players. This is a low level dev staff that appears indifferent or worse yet, intentionally created a very lop sided advantage to certain players who appeared to know in advance this freeze would end early.

Do Not play this game if you have not started. This game should be ignored much the same as this dev staff has ignored their player base

BDAEntertainment responds:

Hello Lucky,

We did encourage players who were affected by this to contact customer support. (If you did and aren't happy with the response, send me a PM with your case number)

We are deeply sorry for the poor experience stemming from our mistake - you are right to be frustrated. Since this happened we have added a check to the way we run realm updates, so that the attack freeze cannot be accidentally removed early again.

Do not play this game. Horrible support and a Dev team that spent more time trying to get people to vote this game up than they do answering questions on their forum.

Example they sent out an IGM that there would be an attack freeze until Thursday Sept 24. Except there was a link in that email that said Wednesday the 24 (wrong day, wrong date? we don not know they would not answer) So today while people are at work/school they ended the attack freeze and people who thought at the min they had until Wednesday before anyone could attack them are getting bombarded with attacks.

Do not play this game it is not worth your effort. They do not give a damn about their players.

BDAEntertainment responds:

I'm sorry you had such a poor experience, Bahl. We did goof on that when we ran an update earlier than usual. :( That was an unfortunate error and players affected were encouraged to contact customer support. (If you did and aren't happy with the response, send me a PM with your case number)

We do care very much about our players - you guys are some of the best and most loyal gamers an indie studio like us could ask for. I personally apologize for the times when it seems like we're not responding fast enough - we really are a tiny team, and if someone is sick or we're dealing with a major issue, it can take longer to respond to the unexpected.

Didn't bother playing. Just noticed that almost all the comments for this game are by users with brand new accounts. And MAN, do this suspicious accounts love this game!

If you're looking for a time efficiency game that will keep you occupied for months, then look no further! Despite looking like a 'slow' game at first you can actually spend many hours a day on it optimizing the flow of troops. New ideas to improve your farming, develop your own information system to keep track of all the nodes on the map, come up with intricate attack schemes to leave your enemy clueless on how to defend. In this game there's always something you haven't thought about yet.

BDAEntertainment responds:

And that's all before you delve into figuring out the tangled web of diplomacy tying the realm together (or tearing it apart). :)

Credits & Info

2.86 / 5.00

Sep 19, 2015
1:49 PM EDT
  • Underdog of the Week September 23, 2015