Charmy & Picha +18

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Esta animación fue hecha hace 2 años, la única mejora es que ahora solo tiene sonidos de fondo, pero no tiene efectos de sonido. Yo siempre tuve la intención de ir mejorando esta historia poco a poco, pero preferí enfocarme en nuevo material, sin embargo estoy seguro que esta historia tendrá su remake luego de su segunda secuela.
Los personajes usados en esta historia, son creación de © Nintendo / GAME FREAK / Creatures, Inc / The Pokémon Company.
Y la Animación fue hecha con Adobe Flash Professional CS3.

This animation was made two years ago, the only improvement is that now only has background sounds, but does not have sound effects. I had always intended to be improving gradually this story, but I preferred to focus on new material, but I'm sure this story will have its remake after its second sequel.
The characters used in this story are creating © Nintendo / GAME FREAK / Creatures, Inc / The Pokémon Company.
And the animation was made with Adobe Flash Professional CS3.

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I thought that this movie is for children.
However, the impact of the last!

I like normal version than R-18 version, but it is nice animation :D

Can you make Charmy & Picha the game?


ZpectralKrystal responds:

i dont think, but maybe |3

Cool story bro! You proved that actions speak louder than words.

This is exactly how Lukas and Mobile met eachother

WAIT! if the story is after they fell and charmy died and picha is seeing his ghost with the flower then how did picha get the new flower. picha's flower got ate by the ivysaur and since charmy died from the fall. and the new flower was given to her by charmy but how did he do that if he was dead. also how did picha see him before she got the new flower. did charmy die while giving picha the flower?