Slutlock Holmes 3

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Slutlock Holmes Part 3, preview version. Help Holmes, rescue her partner, Twatson from her captives. This version includes a full action scene and two interactive sex scenes. See if you can find both sex scenes!

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I couldn't give this any stars. I mean, it's a demo with so little content to actually check out that's it's pretty much pointless even having it here. Not only is it lacking anything to really give you a feel of the game, but what it does have is so lackluster that I'm baffled as to how this even got submitted.

Under appreciated, but not very excited for a demo.

I may be one of the few, but I actually don't mind hotspots and still frames with small bits of animation. It reminds me more of reading porn comics, but with some action to them. And the 3D is fine. Not much to complain about there.

Nonetheless, I really didn't get much with this game, even for a demo. While it is intriguing to have the water torture element, the guy doing oral underwater was just too out there. Unless he has gills, there's no way that's possible. If it had just been him using his sweet sweet tongue for torture, I think I would have given this the extra star. And when trying to shoot the guy at the end, I didn't even know if I was hitting him. There should have been some sort of animation or sound, even if I don't hit him in the chest.

Demos are fine. They help to entice a player to go play the full game or watch the whole movie, etc. But with this case, I think I'll pass.

Demos are definitely dissapointing, even when they are on Newgrounds. (I know that Zone uploads mostly demos of full games, but still.)

Plus, the animation is bad, less effort.

Like shadreesden said, hotspots are boring. Plus, it's boring with only a short game with less frames.

I'm just saying, mk?

Don't put demos on Newgrounds. Al least put the word "demo" in the game's title. As a demo, it's way too short.

Bad animation all round. The valve animation only has 2 frames and goes on for too long.

Hot spot moments was boring. It's not gameplay: you just leave your cursor on one spot while 5 frames of animation play over and over.

The shooting section is the worst I've ever seen. It didn't look like anything was happening. I was just producing sfx while one man teleported around the room.

It's "lose" not "loose".

A demo game...well...