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Blast gems and make combos to clear all the obstacles, earn stars, and win!

Have fun guys. :)


It took a while to play it all the way through but I made it to the end. This is a fresh take on a puzzle game. The higher levels can be FRUSTRATING but no one said games had to be easy. While hard it was playable which says a lot considering some "Hard" games have such esoteric game play it makes them more frustrating than playable. The fact remains even the hard levels can be beaten and not by some random chance.

This game does require some critical thinking and planning ahead to achieve high scores. This lent to some of this game's charm. Bear in mind there are certain levels that if you get a Wild Gem (The ones that give you point multipliers and allow patters to be competed without needing all the same colors) over a Squid you will never be able to remove the squid. You must have a Gem to clear to remove the Squid. It takes three Gems burst over them to remove them much like dark blocking pieces.

This is a likeable and challenging game and the degree of challenge does seem to follow progressive difficulty. While a staple in most games it suited this game very well. Any bad qualities this game has are minuscule in comparison to the actual "Fun Factor," of this game. Top Shelf playability, decent visuals, and solid game mechanics lend to the nature of this strategy game well.

This is a true Strategy Puzzle game that requires some ability to plan ahead to achieve the victory conditions. The fact that levels can require the removal of either Squid or Blocking pieces, breaking Glass, and also having "explosives" that need to have matching colors to detonate or can be set off by Gem Clearing adds a lot of content to actually trying to meet the conditions to win each level.

Thank you for this submission. It was challenging and that makes for good gaming! Simply put, a fun and intellectually challenging game that requires a lot of thinking. It's a good work out for the brain.

Kajenx responds:

Wow, thanks man. When this came out everyone was telling me it was too random. I was really frustrated by that because it's not.

Very nice work. the difficulty balance is well made. the music works very well. the only bad point is the lack of design for the in-game menu's icons.

Music is perfect fit. Art and theme well blended. Difficulty is well balanced. Nice spell mechanic also. I would give you 10/10

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the design of the game is definitely worth playing, difficult and fun in its own way, I managed to reach 15 boards and I have enough and where else the degree of difficulty and interesting style added to the favorites but I do not know if I can get to 100

for those who do not know: the eyes match each type of bullets, their position can be counted among the initial spell sequences, they are also responsible for the point multiplier

I'm not usually into matching games, but I loved this developer's other stuff so I had to try it out. I like it a lot. The gameplay feels fresh for the genre and the music is very calming. I'll probably come back to this occasionally.

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Kajenx responds:

Thanks Matt! :)

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3.69 / 5.00

Sep 14, 2015
6:02 PM EDT
Puzzles - Other