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Bored of playing the same type of puzzle games? Here is a brand new puzzle game for you.
Merge a Dot is a simple, easy to play puzzle game. Simple logic; merge the dots with same color and don't let the dots to fill the entire screen.

How To Play:
Tap a dot to select it, then tap any of the highlighted tile to move the dot. If 3 or more dots come together horizontally or vertically, they merge. Merge the dots and don't let them fill the entire screen.

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I enjoyed this game. Really fun puzzle game!

I found this simple game quite enjoyable to play but it needs one thing changed for me to recommend: some sort of counter system. It's hard to play any strategy when you're unsure how many dots actually make them disappear. You could replace all the dots with different coloured numbers and the game would still work. Maybe add it as another mode?

It's quite okay. The game is nicely put together though some more variety with the sound would be nice... but the gameplay itself is very repetitive with no sense of progression.

My high score is 689 on Expert mode - if anyone wants to try and beat it.

Words can't describe how bland & boring Merge a Dot is. It's an endless high score puzzle game that brings nothing new or interesting to the table. The object is to combine as many dots as you can before they flood the board. Only dots of the same colour can be combined. Click on a dot with your mouse to move it to a highlight square horizontal or vertically. For each move taken, a new dot will be randomly placed on the board. Don't let it fill up or it's game over.

Combining dots fuses them together, causing the one dot to expand. Combine 10 of the same colour together and it will burst off the board, allowing for more room. Colours themselves do not impact the score modifier in any way and is strictly quantity by addition math. Because of this, there's no urgency to try and combine 4 or 6 of the same colour for extra points, as combining a pair of 6 will give you the same as combining two pairs of 3.

+1 For each move taken, multiplied by each colour that fuses with the dot moved.
+10 for each dot popped.

There's an additional game mode you can play called Expert; which you only unlock by by getting 500 points in classic mode. Expert is the same mode, but after a while will start adding two random dots instead of one. Otherwise, it's the same game.

- Same f***ing song the entire game. Though it's nice to have a mute button, it still makes the creator look lazy for not including a variety. And muting the song also mutes the game sounds.

"But Destroyer! There's another song that plays in the menu!" - You mean a song that people only listen to on an average of 2 seconds before having to hear the same repetitive track that loops in 19 seconds!?!

- Good graphics don't exist here. In fact, everything you see in this game can be hand-drawn in 10 minutes. No effort here at all.
- Lack of game modes in general, as Expert is essentially the same mode!
- Too many advertisements! Even going so far as to play an unskippable advertisement for new players.

I don't feel the love, I don't feel the heart, I don't feel the passion. When a game is made, gamers can usually tell how much effort was put into it, and it doesn't feel existent in Merge a Dot. It's like the developers put more time into making their ads then they did making the game. If this statement is wrong then okay, I apologise. But for people to take this s*** seriously requires to deliver a game worth phrase, and not just some side project. Even then, there shouldn't be this many ads in the first place.
In classic mode, I got bored after 100 points in, but forced myself to continue because of the 500 score requirement. And the game is basically the same things we already played before. The only good thing I can say is that it keeps track of your high score so that you'll come back and do better. But honestly, I don't know how many people will come back later when everything else is bare minimum. The final verdict for Merge a Dot would have been a 5 out of 10 - an average game. But the advertisements does a permanent blow to the overall score, and drops it down to a below average game: 4 out of 10. A future with Merge a Dot looks grim.

Final Verdict: 4 out of 10
NG Rating: 2 Stars

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2.69 / 5.00

Sep 12, 2015
8:39 AM EDT
Puzzles - Other