Wolverine vs Deadpool

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Wolverine's X-Force costume is too bad ass, that's why I chose to use it in this clip.

Additionally, if you could like or share or subscribe to my YouTube channel too (youtube.com/c/tanimated12), that'd help me out since I'd get revenue there as well and maybe get to do this more often.

Of course if promoting YT chanels is against the rules here then I'll just take this description down.

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animation is terible and voices r way off for characters

Not bad, I liked the swaying motion you used for Wolverine. The mouth movements made them look a bit like animatronics however.

If Deadpool is done right for an animation or movie, then said movie is going to be somewhat good. Voice acting was good, I'm not sure if all the sound effects were in sync or not, but overall it was pretty decent. Favorite part? Deadpool at the end. Nice job.

Very well done!
Animation could definitely be more fluid since the characters were moving stiff. Also some of the lip sync and lip animation wasn't quite there for Wolverine.
Keep up the wonderful work!

Wow. This was really well done. Well thought out, good lines, great action, plus you actually know the characters. The only downside was the woman's heels sfx for walking which you used for both. But very enjoyable. Good work.