Escape Plan: Splash Park

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You find yourself trapped in a splash park. What're you going to do? You don't have much time to spend on the rides. You need to focus on your escape. Also, this place is quite creepy when it's empty. Let's find a way to get out of here!


Not enough c-block challenges. Besides that, pretty easy.

This was not that good. Trial and error seems to be required with some puzzles. Most of the puzzles are just combo locks any way. A good bit of the combo lock puzzles don't have any kind of hints towards them and any that do, require trial and error with a different lock. The combo locks that don't have hints require you to put in every single combination until it unlocks. This gets very tedious very fast. That is my main gripe with the game. It may seem small but when you play through the whole thing you see that this problem is contained in about 80% of the game. The other 20% is fine though.

Good game. Takes some thinking though easier than some escape games. Liked it!

Can't get pass the one room were you have to spell decade, with the pipes. I spelled it right and still nothing. Still a really fun game, its just that one part, that i can't seem to pass.

oyunlar1COM responds:

Hi there! Thanks for your comment. We're glad you enjoyed the game.
Just want to let you know that we test our games thoroughly before we publish them. So the decade puzzle is fine, I can assure you :) Maybe you should try again?

• You are locked inside the pump room. Click the desk to look at the papers. The word DECADE is written in red. This is a clue for the pipe handles. Click them in the order D-E-C-A-D-E. Cutters will fall after you press them in the correct order. Take the cutters and use them to cut the metal clip on the panel to the right. Flip the 5 switches. Note the amount of each color. 5 Red, 7 Green, 4 Yellow, 5 Blue, 8 Purple.

EXCELLENT GAME!!! Really fun little puzzles and I liked that I had to keep escaping even when I thought I had done it, lol Nice job! That last little puzzle at the end stumped me for a bit, but it was great to figure out! Keep these games comin!! ^_^

oyunlar1COM responds:

Thanks! More escape games are coming!

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3.23 / 5.00

Sep 11, 2015
4:38 AM EDT
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