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Samurai Bamboo - Teaser

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wow! That god damn cool!And I think it be filmed better than many movies.I dont know ur real job but I think u would be a good director^-^

McGil responds:

thx pal!
i'm a freelance animator, but yeah, i like very much storyboard and direction!

Dude i love this game, especially the boss fight! Best game ever!!!

McGil responds:

what boss fight?

I decided to log back into the ol newgrounds account, and I'm ecstatic to find that this still has any traction!
Still looks as beautiful as the first cock tease, very nice...the link in the description is down at the moment of this review but that's fine. Utilizing the internet archive I've seen you've gone the game route, also very nice. Certainly this is taking ages but, nothing good comes from haste I say.

My patience shall continue to run strong my friend.

McGil responds:

kind words, thank you so much.
sadly the game is taken too much. the programer is stuck. :( but we need to make a demo at least, else this will be so depressing...


McGil responds:

Tanks, I use flash and After Efects

When I saw the tittle, Immediately though of samurai champloo and thought this was a sequel to it.


But anyways, I really like the colors used and the design of the characters! Really cool stuff and keep up the good work.

McGil responds:

HA! thanks man. the title came up as a joke and and a tribute to samurai champloo. I didn't knew this will turn in such a serious thing.