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Kissy Square

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First Kiss 5 Points

Gained the first time kiss. How does it feel kissing for the first time?

First Kiss Hesitation 5 Points

Canceled kissing 5 times before first kiss.

First Kiss... with a Wall 5 Points

First time kiss with a wall. Does it feel strange?

New Love Atmosphere 5 Points

Changed a color.

Runny Square 5 Points

Checked the More Games.

Second Kiss 5 Points

Reached 2 kisses. A first kiss wasn't enough, was it?

The C Button 5 Points

Checked the Credit.

Warm Kiss 5 Points

Reached 4 kisses. It's getting warm.

Hard Kiss 10 Points

Kissed the wall 16 times. It hurts.

Warmer Kiss 10 Points

Reached 8 kisses. It's getting warmer.

Hot Kiss 25 Points

Reached 16 kisses. It's getting hot.

Love is Blind 25 Points

Set all colors to pure black(R=0, G=0, B=0).

Masochist Kiss 25 Points

Kissed the wall 32 times. It hurts but somehow it gets exciting.

Burning Kiss 50 Points

Reached 32 kisses. It's getting too hot!

Fell in Love with Wall 50 Points

Kissed the wall 64 times. Well, that is strange...

Blind Kiss 100 Points

First kiss with all color sets to pure black(R=0, G=0, B=0).

Lovely Kiss 100 Points

Reached 64 kisses. It's getting lovely.

Author Comments

Help kissing squares couple and gain points as much as you can while avoiding kissing the wall.

- Any key / Any Mouse: Do/Cancel Kiss mode.

- When near the middle, press any key/mouse to cancel kiss mode to make easier to kiss precisely.
- The square will become faster if it is kissing other square and bouncing from wall.
- The square size will get smaller each 4 kisses until 12x12 pixels.

== Update 1.0.1 (Sept 9th, 2015)==
- Blind Kisses score will be added if the value is at least 1.
- Revised medal "Love is Blind" and "Blind Kiss"'s description.
- Color sliders has been improved to make it easier to set the value to 0.

== Update 1.0.2 (Sept 10th, 2015)==
- Difficulty has been reduced, by adding new mechanism: Game starts with 24x24 pixels square. Each score which dividable by 4, the squares'size will be reduced until 12x12 pixels square.
After several feedbacks and looking the statistic of the score, I have decided to reduce the difficulty. I apologize for those who have gotten the hard medal before the update, but look at the bright side, you can brag more for getting the badge before the update with such harder difficulty ;).
- Removed unused assets (which was used only in Runny Square).

== Update 1.0.3 (Sept 11th, 2015)==
A message will appear if Blind Kiss mode is activated (All colors are R:0, G:0, B:0).

Yay, got into Featured Games and 5th Daily Place Trophy! :D
Thank you very much Newgrounds and those who have played the game! :D

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Enjoyable game.

That blind kiss medal was a fun challenge.

doesent let me click on anything when i go blind

That was pretty cute and fun. Nice job!

You really didn't think the "Love Is Blind" medal though, did you? How are we supposed to even see what we're clicking in the menu. It would be a huge challenge just confirming the color change so that we would get the medal.

NeithR responds:

Thanks for the feedback.
Don't worry, I added a message to ensure the colors were correct when changing the color several months ago.

Much of the same as Runny Square, only I prefer this one because it's not so much of a ball buster... Runny square was so annoyingly hard it almost felt luck based, this feels very balanced and reasonable, due to this I was luckily able to get all the medals except Burning Kiss (32 kisses) and Lovely Kiss (64 kisses), Though I did NEARLY get 32 kisses... I like it and again, I have some medal recommendations...

It's got to be here somewhere... - Exit the Colours menu and start a game while everything is Black or white - 25pts.
Bright as the sun - Turn all customisable colours to white - 10pts.
Icarus - Kiss with Bright as the sun mode on - 25pts.
Good listener - Perform 10 kisses while everything is black or white (Not in 1 game) - 75pts.
Photographic Memory - Navigate Yourself through every menu while everything is black or white - 50pts.
Well that was annoying - Press every single button in the game at least once while everything is black and do it again while everything is white - 75pts.
It's too late! - Try to stop yourself after they switch sides - 5pts.
Awkward... - Brush against each other without kissing - 25pts.
Distant Admirer - Just look at each other for a minute... - 10pts.
Overconfident - Charge right forward as soon as the game starts - 5pts.
No Fear - Get a kiss without hesitating - 10pts.
Direct kiss - Get a kiss perfectly aligned - 15pts.
At the first opportunity - Get a kiss before the second bounce - 10pts.
Dramatic Romance - Get a prefect kiss by not hesitating, getting it before the second bounce, getting it perfectly aligned and with only red colours (any colour where B and G = 0 and the R is at least 1) - 100pts.

Credits & Info

3.50 / 5.00

Sep 8, 2015
10:55 PM EDT