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Sneaky Stanley

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Two secret agents, Carl and Stanley are on a mission to take back stolen Ruby Gemstones. The gems are spread across the building and they’re guarded by different kinds of robots.

Control Agent Stanley to take the gem in each room without getting caught in the guards’ sight. The guards have different moving behavior and line of sight. You can also use some cool gadgets like Cloaking Spray or Teleporter Gun in certain levels.

This is a turn-based game so you can think as long as you want before making a single step. The guards will only move after you make a move one step at a time. There are more than 30 levels to complete.


Move: W A S D or ↑ ↓ → ←
Use gadgets: Z X C V
Retry level: R
Pause/Resume: Esc
Or you can just use your mouse.

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Really slow to play. But great concept and gameplay, as well as art.

It's too bad people don't understand that the whole premise of these puzzles depends on you not being able to wait a turn.

I'd really like a fast forward button, though. And an undo button.

The level select is glitched. When I hover over a level on any page, it tells me my score for the equivalent level on page 1.

How many levels are there, by the way? It looked like there were only 16, but then it added a page.

very polished. very fun. looks, sounds, and plays great.

too slow though. wish i could fast track movement and turn completion.

Its very frustrating have to wait that much time to move.

I love the design and the art tho.

I can't figure out how to wait for a turn. And the game keeps being snide to me when I finish a level. It doesn't motivate me, it just makes me think, if the game had a face I would punch it. In the face.

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3.14 / 5.00

Sep 8, 2015
4:09 AM EDT