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Foggy Shore

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Author Comments

There's nothing as quiet... as a decision.

Let a peaceful space wash over you in this 3D short adventure game. Foggy Shore is a work in Unity3D WebGL.

Estimated play time: 5 minutes.

- WASD or Arrow Keys: Move character.
- E or Enter: Interact.
- Space: Jump.
- Esc: Menu.

Audio by http://www.stefanoguzzetti.com/

A version that loads faster as well as stand-alone versions are available at https://ocias.com/games/foggy-shore/

This is part of a new experimental series. I hope you enjoy it and will come on this journey with me.
Previous installments:

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The game is really quite shallow, and does very little to pull the player in. Now I'm not saying it's absolutely bad. I've seen worse. But I do have to say that if the text at the end wasn't there, I would have rated this game half a star.
Well, I have looked at a few of the comments and I've noticed that some (or many) of the players do not understand the story.
Then again, what I see this as might not be the correct story either. But.
We come out of a cellar, and go along the beach picking up stuff, finally we stumble onto a strange rock like feature upside down. We can interact with it. The player's POV goes up, and we see a bunk or a hill with a flower on it.
Really, this, is simple stuff. Obviously the character we were playing as was dead. And seeing as it appeared to be a little girl, it's not surprising that their place of rest could be a beach. To be honest, though, I think the character was a woman, because the words said were wise and sad. I believe the woman probably died from an accident caused by a loved one. And this dead person is wishing to tell their loved one to forgive themselves and enjoy the memories of them together, instead of blaming themselves.

So I start out by this cellar thing that I can't get into, run around and get stuck in sand dunes, pick up a bunch of sea stuff for shits and giggles, then come up to this strange floating orange lump that's all "ah yes good I see you have collected junk that's good you should always collect junk when you go places them be memories". Then I was told to forgive myself (for taking crap?) and then it was THE END. Really beautiful graphics (girl's face looked a little weird but that's okay), peaceful music, waves sounded pretty realistic. While the camera angles were rather disorienting, they were neat. A lot of attention to detail, like shadows and footprints. Seems like this was cut way too short. Not nearly enough storyline for it to make any sense.

So short but I like it. The ending make me feel happy, I don't try other ending yet.

Can't rate since I can't play.

Is there a way to get past the black screen at the beginning (assuming that's normal)? I've been trying for a while with all the controls but don't get anything but darkness.

Well, I sure appreciate the artistic intentions behind this game, but I must confess this wasn't as involving to me as A Collection of Eyes or Flawing.

The graphics are not bad, and the sound effects are pretty relaxing, but... I don't know, maybe some more bizarre places to explore (as seen in A Collection of Eyes) or some more environment interactivity would have made it slightly more entertaining. As it stands, I enjoyed the short walk by the beach for a while until I realized it was all the game contained, then I got a bit disappointed.

If, say, there was more than just text to each ending... I don't know, it just feels like the game is unfinished. I enjoyed Flawing and A Collection of Eyes probably because of the exploration factor coupled with the absolutely bizarre surreal atmosphere (complemented by the introspective and sometimes mind boggling text messages that made it even deeper). This game's atmosphere, while not surreal nor bizarre (that is, until we reach the end), looked promising enough, but there isn't really that much exploration to do, the game's linear nature is too obvious from the get go.

Credits & Info

3.01 / 5.00

Sep 2, 2015
3:31 AM EDT