Four Sides of Faith

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This experience may make you think about some ideas established in your head. I hope I make you think, or at least I hope ou enjoy this story.

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Anyone notice that you can solve the puzzle ny pushing the tab key while at the shapes till you get one shape?

Short but fun! I loved the dark story and the comments about the cigarette etc., they gave it a different feel than most other escape games. My only problem was not being able to finish it myself as it does the ending for you.

ToniDominguez responds:

Thanks! It's great that you enjoyed the story. The reason why it's that way is because right now, all I know how to do are flash games. I'd love to export this to a Unity Project so the character can actually move and interact just like in a 3D first person mystery game :D

I found the story horrifying. I meant how could a dad be this mean to the two girls. :/

Although I had found all the clues, I wasn't able to unlock the safe until I watched the walk through. The tricky part was the number of symbols to click before it could be unlocked. I thought I had to press every pattern once to unlock it. Hint : you only use four of them.

i've completed this for a few times now and it is indeed got just one ending. and it literaly says how to end it without letting the player to think about anything.

but these can change a bit with just more things to solve without trying to change quality of it.

3 stars for the game but -2 stars for unused potential

ToniDominguez responds:

Thank you for this review. Two important things that you wrote:

1- You put enough effort to play it multiple times, which feels great to me, its developer.

2- You said there's more potential I could've put there, which makes me want to continue developing (even more than before).

Thank you and everyone else for all this different reviews!

Good ideas, interesting story, game was short and I was able to complete it pretty quickly, took maybe 1 minute. but other than that good. Look forward to seeing more from you

ToniDominguez responds:

Thank you! My next project is a short film, but I'll absolutely be making more games in the near future :D

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2.70 / 5.00

Sep 1, 2015
7:08 PM EDT
Adventure - Point 'n Click