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Freshman 5 Points

Fully Clear one ruin

Mad gardener 5 Points

Cut 20 plants

Trustworthy 10 Points

Gather over 500 Credibility points

Knowledge is power 25 Points

Buy all 3 training upgrades

Master of Archaeology 50 Points

Fully Clear all four ruins

Mr Efficient 50 Points

Find and Catalogue over 500 Finds

Priceless 50 Points

Don't buy any upgrades and clear 2 ruins

Author Comments

The University wants you to go to the town of Nowe Monasterzysko and lead the excavations in the area of an old cemetery. You'll have a 14 days permit so make a good use of that time - locate as many ruins and catalogue as many finds as possible.

Inspect, dig, excavate! Find hidden ruins, clear and identify your finds, buy upgrades and manage your excavations!

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I really love it

Quite good. Nice little game that gets you thinking about things for efficiency. Only real Problem is the initial character selection screen. There are optimal characters, and while I will 100% click the reroll button until I get exactly what I want, I'd really rather not do that. There's no reason for it to be random, especially since you can reroll as much as you want. It's basically just stealing my time for no good reason. Which is bad. Everything else is great though.

Loved it, though it would be nice to have a bit more; maybe an option to customize characters instead of just randomization, and some interactions around town would make it feel a bit less isolated.

really good game but i don't like the initial random selection. I need many maxed strenght and you have to cycle for like 10 minutes

"Nothing here yet! Sometimes you got to dig a little deeper to discover the ruins!"

"Uh oh! You just dug without exploring the previous area and destroyed some ruins!"

Are you kidding me?

Seriously though, it's a fine game and all, but why not let us customize the stats of our crew from the start? It would certainly be better than pressing "randomize" back to back for 10 minutes looking for your ideal composition. Furthermore, there's a great disparity between your level of use of different skills in the game. I was told in the instruction screen that I ought to have each character specialize in something different, yet cataloging and managing people (charisma) were used FAR FAR FAR less often than simply digging and exploring, which sucked for me because, look at that, being unable to customize, the only people with high strength and perception were the two SPECIALISTS, and once their job was done, my other two guys, with near max energy and absolute shit stats in perception and strength, had nothing to do. I couldn't trust them to explore for they might miss something and I couldn't trust them to dig for they might break something, so I was relegated to setting them to exploring the same spots or pulling up weeds or doing guard-duty, each of which was unnecessary for the amount I had them do, and each of which seriously hampered my progress in-game.

Credits & Info

3.98 / 5.00

Sep 1, 2015
1:55 PM EDT
Strategy - Other