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Jurassic World Parody

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"And if something chases like in the first two movies,make stupid decisions!"
Love this phrase and the whole video! I rather watch Jurassic Turd then the original actually.

Samination responds:

Heh. Thanks!

oh man that was so good :')

i dont like this,i love this!

I didn't really enjoy this.
It was ok I guess, but I hated the 'jokes' considering how awesome the movie was, I guess I am Bias.
The Animation work was good though, just the humour was very hit and miss for me.

this was great!

the design and the general layout of the characters might seem simple at first, but we can see that its well-animated & nicely drawn. it is a movie with VERY fluid and fast animation and an awesome art style that is accompanied with AWESOME and accurate jokes!

in short: its an awesome and funny movie!

you did a great job, and i liked both the puberty jokes, and the story plot-holes jokes, and the ending, everything was hillarious, cool and funny!

i liked this alot, please do more movie parodies, you're good at this. 5/5