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Fire & Might 2

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Dragon is back! This time he will not be fighting the middle age knights but present soldiers, tanks and helicopters!

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Can't progress in levels without getting stars. Can't get more stars without completing levels. Games like this that don't allow you to go back and get more resources (stars in this case) for upgrading really get on my nerves.

This is an alright game you know but the dragon could be more you know....badass like in the intro :)

A nice game ,but the difficulty should be more of a gradual curve. The start of the game is hard without upgrades.

Soooooooo frustrating. The whole coin/star mechanics are higly off-putting.

Collect coins to get stars to get upgrades.
You have to collect coins from fallen enemies which means you have to stay on the ground, which in turn means you have no choice to get hit, which in turn means you fail the level after which you gain no coins and no stars. Alternatively, miss all those coins and pass the level with one out of 2 stars. Was that the plan: to make us play all the levels twice?
You have to get *6* stars to get a magnet.
I think the upgrades should be based on coins and stars based on enemy deaths.

Speaking of enemies, they are *way* too small. Comically smaller than their bullets/missiles.

As for the game engine, it's fine. Movement is fluid, the dragon looks great. I hope the enemies get an upgrade from balls with stick legs though.

Has potential for a decent game but the whole coin/star is a *huge* spanner in the works.

Nice timewaster. I've really liked it. There was a little issue with difficulty, though - beginning is much harder than ending, because without upgrades you very weak, but with them you are truly unstoppable (or was it intentional?).

Imho, there should at least one star for every level, no matter how many coins you've got. And coin limit must be less steep - especially in earlier levels. And the amount of them per level shouldn't really be so low at the beginning - lack of stars at earier stages and abundance of them at later ones is one of the main reason for this decrease in difficulty.

Really liked balance between skill trees. The Fire tree is much, much more useful in beginning, though - enemies which are not dead are enemies which continue shooting, and no amount of speed or health is gonna save you if enemies and bullets fill the entire screen.