Energy Spectrum

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Energy Spectrum is a game in which you control the light rays using up to 10 different light devices. Be ingenious, sent rays of light on the balls in the right direction and get points!

- 64 challenging levels;
- new levels coming soon;
- up to 10 different light devices;
- play with light and colors;
- 8 languages;
- great soundtrack

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the game is fun...but it isnt yours, i played this game like 4 years ago...

Good Game,
Quite challenging, but not too hard. Good difficulty curve.

New Objects were introduced nicely with easy levels. I especially liked the green x-shaped one. Haven't seen that before.

Music was good. Nevertheless an in game mute button would've been nice.

Didn't understand the time limit. Only forced you to play a level again.
Also the objects blocking each others path were rather annoying than adding to the gameplay.

Overall a really fun game. Good job.

good puzzle games.
It takes a lot of time to solve them and it was nice to see how you have to use many mirrors they give you and the light to be reflected.
nice game.

Overall good game. Controls more suitable for mobile then for web.

1. When I rotating mirrors spectre rays not always mirrored. I mean I rotate but ray no appear in right direction. Then I repeat and it appear as needed. Not always but several times through first levels it was. I understood what it was - you did two sided mirror. One side work and other not. But sides looks the same. So it feels like bug. Do visible and obvious difference if they work so different.

2. Rotating buttons in bottom of the screen a bit strange for me. It works but I thought all tools for moving and rotating will be in one place or near.

3. Select one mirror from level start. So player will see that something can be moved.

4. When some tool placed before other tool it can't be moved through. It's not cool and useless. Player just need to do more useless moves. The same with walls and tools. This became distract from level 11-12.

5. I don't like green tool with rotating pipe. It's not obvious and intuitive. Too hard for me.

6. Graphics are ok but not perfect. Light balls looks like basketball balls. I can suggest something like coloured glass. Mirror not looks like mirror - no glare. Maybe some triangle peace of glass will work better - so you can see light ray moving through.

So this game need more polishing to be good.
Good luck.

Meh, fun for a little bit. The puzzles are challenging and overall, this'll hold your attention for maybe an hour.

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2.91 / 5.00

Aug 31, 2015
1:07 AM EDT
Puzzles - Sliding