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Demon Dash

rated 2.61 / 5 stars
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Aug 30, 2015 | 10:34 PM EDT

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Author Comments

If you experience inconsistent framerate in Google Chrome, please try Firefox.

Use Arrow keys to run and jump.



Rated 1.5 / 5 stars

"Hey gamers! Would you like to play a platformer game? Very easy to design, and people love this stuff! Today's game is called Demon Dash, a game where you play as a little green demon and try to pick up your orange soda pop... - I don't care if it isn't soda pop because it looks delicious! Anyway, the author says the game received great feedback from play-testing, and it has quote "game ideas". So you know it will be a classic. Nothing's gonna ggggoooooooo wwwwrrrrrrroooonnnggg hhhhhheeeeeerrrrrreeeeeee! - Ah! The slomo has fixed itself for now. But I can assure you that nothing else will go wrong. Let's play!"


"Augh!...... Motherfuc-"



My short review is this: Wait until the author installs a must-needed patch before you play this game, because right now it's a mess.

I am not impressed with what has been delivered here on newgrounds. For a game that was play-tested and still possess so many issues that were overlooked shows how important these play-testers feel the game really was. That, or they were bored out of their mind, and realized that they would have to play it again if they revealed the truth. I'm sure this wasn't really the case, but everyone can see that something went wrong here in Demon Dash because it barely works. I'm not trying to give s*** to the author or the developer, but I will be giving s*** to this game for this unnecessary disaster. I made sure to save the best part for last, if you want to scroll down and read about the laggy frame-rate issues.

The object is exactly what my intro says. You play a green demon in this platformer game, and have to reach the end of the level by touching an orange object that looks like an up-side down pylon with holes in it. I do not know what this orange object is, so if the author can explain that in a feedback reply it would be greatly appreciated. Anyway, as you try to reach this object, you must avoid spikes, endless pitfalls, and other monsters that hope to set you ablaze. The controls involve the directional arrows on your keyboard. Pressing up allows you to jump, holding it down allows you to jump even higher. This becomes essential later on as you will have to do both high and low jumps to pass the obstacles. There are 10 levels total to complete, all averaging under at least 10 seconds, making this an extremely short game.

Level designs in Demon Dash's are best compared to that little kid who wanted to be friends with you and was friendly at first, but then you learned in only a few short minutes that they're actually a selfish brat who has to be right or act like they're always right, and becomes really upset when not feeling superior over you. The atmosphere in these levels will approach you nice & easy, but then randomly adds Kaizo traps through blind jumps, thinking this was a good idea to keep you on your toes. In reality however, it is not a good idea, as these are seen as unfair deaths. When you can't see what is below you, and you have no indication of where safety is, it is a blind jump. Graphics in this game are poor, having cut-off in the landmasses everywhere, and the same cookie-cut wallpaper in the background for every single level. Music is unchanging, being the same f***ing tune for every level you play. Though, I didn't have an issue with the music itself, someone else may not feel the same way in a game with no song variety or mute button.

Now I'm going to talk about the ways you can die in this game. You will die if you touch spikes, fire, the human that looks like a robot who throws fire, or falling off the level. If this happens, you must press "R" on the keyboard to try again, which is a feature that surprisingly works given everything else that has happened. What also took me off-guard is how there is a different sound effect for each way you die, which somehow turned out to be more important than including death animations. I swear that this game is intentionally trying to kill it's replay value, because the issues just keep coming.

- You can still turn left & right after dying, however you will be stuck in position. (100% confirmed bug)
- There is a timer on the upper-left screen that encourages players to complete this level in a specific amount of time, but there's no incentive for doing it. If is statement is wrong and you do get something out of it other than a "GREAT TIME!" message then it doesn't matter. The incentive for doing it doesn't feel impactful enough considering there are no high score records, or anyway to save your best time.
- 10 seconds multiplied by 10 levels equals 100 seconds of gameplay........ Less than 2 MINUTES!?! This is only a 2 minute game!?! Really???? Where is everything else?????

Now for the main event: the worst part about this game is it's laggy frame rates! I played this on Google Chrome and the entire game moving slllllllllloooooooooowwwwww-mmmmmmooooo...... Every level....... Every level........ EVERY F***ING LEVEL!! And to piss me off even further, it would go back to regular speed every 5 seconds or so for 1 second, and then click right back to slow-mo. Do you know how frustrating it is when you're trying to make a jump, and then suddenly speed yourself into the spikes??? The game never run'd smoothly the entire time I was playing.

So then I turned on Internet Explorer, thinking that it might have been a browser issue because certain programs work better on a particular browser. Anyway, I turned on Demon Dash for Internet Explorer... the f***ing game crashed immediately before I could get it started. When I finally got it to work, the lag was twice as bad as chrome, even going as far as causing the entire internet page to skip. I had to abort on the first level. So no doubt, there is something that went horribly wrong here. My laptop may not be the best, but it has proven itself in the past to have enough processing power to run 3D games with no lag. So a 2D game shouldn't have been a problem.

You can tell me to switch to Firefox; but the fact is that I shouldn't have had to switch at all. It's the developers job to make sure the game works on at least the 3 major internet browsers (internet explorer, firefox, and chrome) before releasing it to the public. And if it doesn't work on a particular browser, you need to give warning.

The controls in Demon Dash are probably it's best feature. However, I wasn't able to enjoy them because of how much lag was happening. As much as I would like to say good things about Demon Dash, it hasn't earned it. There's too many issues piled up, and the play-testers didn't do their job correctly for the feedback department. The final verdict is a 4 out of 10 - slightly below average. The NG rating however is only a 1.5 Stars for it's hideous launch across multiple browsers. The game is not complete fail, but it right now it is terrible! And really needs a patch update if this is to continue to remain on newgrounds.

Final Verdict: 4 out of 10
NG Rating: 1.5 Stars

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AdamHulbert responds:

Hey thanks for taking the time to write such detailed feedback. I will use those points as a TODO list for next release. This was a 72 hour game jam which might explain some of the shortcomings that you have spoken of.

As for the slowdown issue. I am trying to troubleshoot the cause of this. In development it ran at a solid 60FPS for me but a few people have mentioned the problem and I have since been able to replicate it on Chrome, but only on my secondary monitor for some reason??!!

This is the first game I have posted to ND and I am quite new to the community so you have given me a good feel for the standards that ND users expect.

Much appreciated :)


Rated 2 / 5 stars

Level design is awful. Controls are not good. Hero jumping like helium ball. What this red object mean and why hero dying when touch it?

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Rated 2 / 5 stars

It's not that great to be honest. The game's not that well made and the controls are a little too sensitive and floaty.

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Rated 4 / 5 stars

not bad and a good challenge


Rated 1 / 5 stars

The game is okay, but the levels should be more organized and properly made. But it's a good start, just needs some work.