We Broke Up

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A short sad story about the relationship.
You have to pass a dark maze made of messages from your girlfriend.
Depending of the day when you are playing - you will hear different background music.

How to play
Use arrows keys to move. You have to pass through maze, without touching walls.

Friends, when you estimate this game, please, write me few words in review :) it's my first game-making-expierence and I need feedback :)

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the game isnt working all i see is a blank screen lol fix that (and dont blame my computer seriously its new as shit)

peaumur responds:

Which browser do you use?

There isnt a great variation of objective, but the soundtrack is very good and the story is interesting.

A great idea, and the mechanics were easy to pick up. It does a get a bit annoying to have to keep starting all over again. Perhaps consider an easy mode with checkpoints?

peaumur responds:

I thought a lot about adding checkpoints but decided that it will be too easy for player to pass a maze.
But now, when I look at analytics, I understand that checkpoints was a good idea.. :D

Hey, you know what's hard about artsy and emotional games? Well, me neither... it just is harder to create than "normal" games.

The game had potential, and I actually enjoyed playing it... but it has too many flaws, and they can't pass just because the game's primary (or not, who knows) purpose is to make us feel emotional, sad and stuff

Here's the deal : whether your game is an RPG, a shooter, a puzzle, or anything else... If I get frustrated I need a reason for my frustration, and a reason to keep playing...
It's hard to explain what I disliked but I'll do my best

- Your game has this "sensitive" atmosphere... It makes you feel cautious, like you dont want to lose, to "break up"... and then there's this high score in the upright corner that just does everything to reming you it's there... and with each cautious move you make, your score gets worse and worse
What's the point of this ?????? The game does a great job of making you feel engaged with the "relationship", of making you fear the break-up... and then it adds a freaking high score...
WHAT WAS THE LOGIC BEHIND THIS???? Look, I'm NOT playing that game to see my score, I'm playing it to live the story and see the end of it... DONT GET ME WRONG : High scores are not a bad thing... but do not add them when it defies the very emotion you aimed to create with your game!!!!
Your goal should be to make the player do THE MORE MOVES POSSIBLE, so as to be sure to see the end of this relationship... it should not be to rush him!
(btw, it rarely is a good idea to rush a player anyway, unless under very specific circumstances...)

I know I ranted a lot on this, but all in all I liked this game
- Good music, and the timing of it is well orchestrated (play the game and see for yourself)
- Great atmosphere, although sometimes ruined by the pointless highscore and the frustration that occurs because you feel like you do what's right and yet your score says the opposite
- Original, yet not boring gameplay
- While not very polished, agreeable to look at

Hey good game, sorry I ranted a lot on the bad points, but that's because you dont need to upgrade the good stuff

Keep it up, and think through what I said

I'll be watching the rest of your work :)

peaumur responds:

Hey, thanks for that great review!
It is very important for developers-newbies to get such feedback.

I can see only title screen with game title and made by Belka Cat.
No buttons, no GUI, nothing happen...

peaumur responds:

Which browser do you use?
Loading bar on the loading screen is shown when at least something have been loaded. If you see only loading screen without bar - maybe you have problems with your net?

Credits & Info

2.66 / 5.00

Aug 28, 2015
6:54 PM EDT
Action - Other