RetroDom - A Female Wrestling Game

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Defeat Spice Mikusa

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Defeat Elanore Charge

Author Comments

Today I would like to present the FIRST and ONLY legitimate female wrestling game on newgrounds! ...and quite possibly any flash platform on the web!

RetroDom! A simple retro-styled female wrestling game. If the game takes, I would like to update and improve upon it with your ideas. If you have ideas/concepts in mind for the game, you may bring them up and discuss them here:

Also, I will at some point release a free desktop version of the game, that doesn't rely on temp files to save. This will be found at my website here:
or more specifically here:
if you think you would be interested in other games that I've made.

Last but not least, music by this guy here:

Furthermore, playthroughs of the game here:

Basic Controls:
Up - Jump
Down - Dodge/Pin
P - Pause the Game
Q - Quit Matches/Menus

A - Attack
S - Grab
D - Special Attack

Tip: The program Joy2Key is recommended for this game!

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Okay, here's my in-depth review. First of all, the game's overall feel is very much retro. Well done with that. It's like something you'd see on an NES or Atari. Gameplay is simple and customizable. I have the controls mapped to wasd shift space and e for easy use. But here is the first flaw. AI difficulty. There are two modes, Easy and Normal. Easy is literally hold spacebar until they die and you can pin them no problem. Normal is extremely intense, where the slightest mistake can cost you the whole match. And to unlock the new characters you have to play on normal. Difficult, but almost worth it. I've noticed that sometimes your progress will vanish and you'll have to fight the bosses AGAIN. I recommend more than a few round of CPU to learn the abilities and attacks of each of the three starters. I think that Nako has the best ability, her axes are useful to take out a chunk of enemy health at the beginning of matches. Mai's shadow clone ability is good for finishing off people with lower health and restraining them so you can go in close range and use your grab attack. Joanie's tongue attack is useful for laying the hurt down on enemies, similar to Nako's axes, except it can damage grounded enemies. Also, it is extremely important to note that Nako has the most overpowered fucking grab attack. Always pick Nako for Arcade. One thing to note is that Shadow Mai can compound her grab attack to take all of your health away in one continuous grab after grab cycle, especially on walls.After you defeat the other two starter girls in Arcade mode somehow, you get to move onto The bosses! Melly MegaStar and Spice Mikusa. I haven't played too long, but I fought Spice Mikusa and Melly MegaStar. Mikusa is definitely different. Her ability attack is a kinda charge ball of love. It damages you when grounded. You have to be careful not to get caught near this sunnovabitch or it'll eat away your health. My strategy for her is to jump kick the hell outta her, back up or JUMP OVER her when she charges her ball. if you're within range of it long enough she'll go through with it, becoming invincible for a bit allowing you go back away to use the axes or use the ultimate takedown. Melly MegaStar wasn't really that hard. She has an ability to sly through the screen and do damage. Let her do this, then when she stops, you can grab her and deal chunks of damage. Her grab isn't too powerful, just lengthy. Overall, the AI's like to Mortal Kombat Trip you alot, and stunlock you. jump kicks work well. wait until they have no health to pin otherwise they'll escape, and even then they can escape! Overall a good game, good enough to receive a port to other devices that don't fully support flash, like mobile. One complaint that I do have is the fast that in the character selection screen, characters have faces, but in battle, they have no faces, or sometimes facially shaped lines. Might be something to work on! I hope to fight Eleanor Charge someday! :D Sorry is this is too lengthy!

this game takes a very long time to load

This game is absolute shit.

the designs are cool, but it's not really wrestling if you can punch lol


How do i defeat Melly Mega star? it seems i beat the others anything info will help and Thank you for making this game!~

bomb-A-HEAD responds:

You pretty much just keep her out of the sky, and grab her when the opportunity shows itself.

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2.68 / 5.00

Aug 28, 2015
1:41 PM EDT
Action - Fighting - VS