Captain Flamethrower visits the Abortion Clinic

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The sequel to "Captain Flamethrower visits the Children's Hospital", a game NOBODY asked for, play as the mentally unstable and tastelessly offensive firebug as you run amuck in the local planned parenthood!

Objective: burn everything you can. Game ends when time is up.


This isn't some kind of political statement, notice how the captain burns both the bible thumping protester outside the clinic, as well as all those inside.

Captain has no agenda. Unless you count spreading flames over everything indiscriminately.

If you wanna play the first one, find it in my library OR use this link:


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I remember when the first captain flamethrower game came out. This is what new grounds was all about back in the day. Games that are offensive, hilarious, and fun to play. Also, the walking animation for captain flamethrower is really smooth. Well done.

TheMillz responds:

I remember those days, not a girl, not yet a woman...

ok its good besides the pregnant women murders but it needs more action like a plat former or some thing

TheMillz responds:

Or go play a platformer

Kinda Slow

TheMillz responds:

It is what it is. Quick time waster. Rocket league, now that game is sic

Well it's offensive, I'll give you that. Nice touch with the song on the title screen.

TheMillz responds:

You should see when he visited the children's hospital

Very Enjoyable.

TheMillz responds:

Glad you liked, try the first one for more wacky ridiculous murder sprees. I'm also considering location request for possible sequels. Like a zoo for example