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Super Tux Adventures

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Author Comments

Tux has adventures, inside castle there are doors that lead to another dimension of adventure world. His task is to collect gems that every world has 3 gems. However only a gem is visible on each attempt. so he needs to enter the doors 3 times to complete the mission. More gems he try to collect, he will face the tough adventure. Enemies has already waiting there !

Explore the worlds and Tux will always find new challenges that needs some trick to solve it. Collect coins as many as possible, there is a shop next to castle, purchase additional weapon and energy drink with the coins that have been collected before.

climb the ladder, swim, superjump with spring, explode wall and many more stuffs you can use.

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I want to like this game. The platforming is fine but there are too many things that make this sub-standard - that is not bad but just below decent. Here's why:

1. No checkpoints, no health pickups. Meaning the monotonous and tedious gameplay has to be played all over again after 30 minutes of collecting coins and defeating enemies and no respite.
2. Swimming is a joke. I'm hoping you get to upgrade it later in-game but putting so many death trap pools in starting levels is cruel especially considering point 1.
3. Shuriken attack is very odd. It doesn't fly forward as you would expect with such a projectile but acts more like a drunk Mario fireball. Exacerbated by the fact it changes physics depending if your jumping up or falling down. Plus, you get a very limited number so telling your players you *can* jump on enemies would help.
4. Having to use a mouse on signs and doors. Any other game, you press Up to read and Action to proceed.
5. Exit notifications. It would be better to tell you at the start of the level how many coins you need to exit rather than wrestling the camera off the player leaving them open to enemy attacks of pit deaths.
6. No real story. A shame as there seems to be a lot effort being put into the game.
7. Graphics are nice but lack charm or polish. 2 enemies are basically the same and gems are coloured hexagons. It's decent but you hope for a little more pizazz.

Also, is there a reason - other than exits - for collecting coins? It seems likely seeing how they're scattered all over the levels including hard-to-reach spots.

"I would like to review the game, but am having trouble figuring out how to open a door. Could you please tell me why the level 1 door isn't opening, and what button has to be pressed to open doors? Nothing seems to be working, and I've pressed every button on my keyboard. I am playing this on the Google Chrome browser.
If a response isn't given within 24 hours, I will proceed to review with what is given. Understand that if I have to switch browsers, or do something that I've already tried before, the game will be penalized. Please respond. The game looks decent, and I would rather give it the score it deserves."
- The Destroyer

A message sent to the author of Super Tux Adventures.


So it's been 24 hours now.... I haven't gotten a response, and the door is still broken, nor have I found anything else in the area after double-checking. It's just one big empty area, with a pond to the west that you can swim in, and that's it. I haven't gotten a chance to play the REAL game described in the author's comments, and I won't be able to any more. So it feels like a missed opportunity for me to give everyone my true thoughts on the game. So why even do a review? Why not try it on Internet Explorer or Firefox and see if it works there before issuing the review? Because of the message stated above.

The best part about this game is it's controls. And the worst part is that it's broken.

Final Verdict: 1 out of 10
NG Rating: Not Even 1 Star!?

An average ninja penguin game.

Credits & Info

2.92 / 5.00

Aug 27, 2015
8:15 PM EDT