Specter Knight

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- Increased Movement Speed
- Fixed Dweller Lord Bug
- Fixed Keydrop Bug

Specter Knight is an action, adventure, Rpg, rogue-like with a plethora of loot, upgrades, spells, enemies and bosses.

Short Description:
In a world without need of heroes, a darkness threatens the living.Your legend now long forgotten and your spirit cursed to forever remain in the halls of your final battle. Will you return to the world of the living one last time?

- 5+ Hours of game play
- Randomly Generated Dungeons
- 18 unique enemies
- 4 Unique & Challenging Bosses
- 16 levels
- 3 Game Save Slots
- Simplistic Controls (Mouse or keys)
- Loot
- In-game spell and equipment shop
- 80+ Upgrades
- 16+ Unique Spells
- Experience Point System
- Upgradable Strength
- Upgradable Spells/Magic
- Upgradable Health

Director, Art/Animation: Matt Vile (UknownXL)
Game Design: Matt Vile & Stefan Langeder
Code: Stefan Langeder
Music/Sounds: Sound Tricks "Daniele Zandara

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Lot of fun, really enjoyed the game, UNTIL the part where the controls started to bug so hard it became impossible to play. The block button started to lag several seconds behind pushing it. Other buttons worked fine, reloading the game didn't help. Could still play more or less, but lacking block and related powers really hurt.

The game is phenomenal. The only and I mean ONLY problem I have with this game is the title. Mostly because there is another game called Specter of Torment and the main character's name is Specter Knight. And I know you probably didn't mean to but A LOT people could be confused. But other than that, I have no problems.

UknownXL responds:

Ive also noticed that there is a boss in Shovel Knight who shares the name. Its something I didn't know about until after the game had been released for awhile. I appreciate your compliments and will keep it in mind if we ever do a sequel or successor.

Very fun to play. Not bad idea with combat system but spells are bit op on later stages. IF YOU EVER CONSIDERED ANDROID PORT - DO IT NOW!!! I will gladly buy this game as android app if you will put some effort in generally MORE things in game (monsters spells weapon and armor upgrades - classes maybe with starting bonuses). I know there is plenty fish in this sea but that one could reach memorable place. Keep up good work :)

Beat the game without the bug people are mentioning. Besides that, I agree that the melee system had its flaws, spells were OP (Especially Earth drop), bosses lacked design variety, and was hoping for more to the game. I played it for a couple of hours, so definitely worth 4 stars. When I mention the melee it's more so about the blocking system. Against some enemies it can get strange. I think maybe the charge attack had something to do with it being the same as the block command. Anyways, appreciate your time and effort. Has a lot of potential if you're planning on a new one. Best of luck.

I found the same bug as Shietze once, but other than that, a very good game. I enjoy the difficulty and the variety of the game. I do feel that if you focus mainly on spells, its a little too easy, but there's not too much you can do about that. I hope to see more!

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4.07 / 5.00

Aug 25, 2015
10:40 AM EDT
Adventure - RPG