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Yeti Run

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Author Comments

Use the arrow keys to move left and right. Get points by collecting coins and running jumps. Don't hit rocks or trees or you will lose one of your 10 lives. Have fun!

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Really awful in every single way.

I think the hit detection is a little off, it keeps crashing me into trees when I'm right next to them.

Yeti Run is the next forgettable game to reach newgrounds, more specifically a game that erases from your mind 5 minutes after you stop playing. Controls are not found anywhere, something which I highly recommend putting in the author's comments. The controls that I discovered are you move Left & Right with the directional arrows on the keyboard. If there's any more then I am unaware.

The object of the game is to try and collect as many coins as you can without getting killed with the 10 lives you have. This is easier said than done when you have a yeti throwing cheap-a$$ f***ing snowballs at you, usually thrown in barrages, that often cause you to crash into a tree or snow-bank when you try to dodge! There is no pattern in the level design, and everything spawns randomly - which wouldn't be a problem of itself... if the health hazarding objects didn't spawn in such a way where it blocks your path to the point of an unavoidable death. So not only is it skill-based, you are also constantly battling with a roll chance. It is completely random when the instant death comes to take your soul, and when it does, there is no way to dodge no matter how skilled you are. Because of these unfair deaths, getting a score of 100 is incredibly difficult. The average player is expected to rage before the game is even over.

A tree's hurtbox in this game is much larger than what it actually displays itself to be. Sometimes you don't even have to touch the tree and you still die. This is a major issue that needs to be fixed, should this game remain on newgrounds for whatever reason. But the issues don't stop there...

- The graphics in this game are so bad. I couldn't tell if the brown things were two slalom poles acting as checkpoints, or if it was rubble with the white thing in the middle being a ramp. And this supposed "action" game, as listed in the genre, has no animations!!
- "Sports" and "Skiing" is missing from the tags, and needs to be added.
- There is no sound or music at all, making the game eerily quiet.
- Sometimes, collecting the coins doesn't register when you touch them. (100% confirmed bug)
- As you are skiing, objects will appear on-screen, then disappear before you even pass it. (possible bug?)

Finally, the game's ultimate goal, which is collecting coins, has no meaning in the end. After dying 10 times, your total high score isn't saved anywhere, no online or offline leaderbaords, no personal records, nothing. It expects you to memorize your high score or write it down, something which 95% of gamers never bother doing with these type of games, so there is no reason to come back and try to do better.
Normally, I would complain about a lack of game modes too, or rather how short the game is, but in this case it isn't necessary. The one game mode here isn't even made right. Yeti Run is an epic fail of beyond proportion. Even if all the issues in this review were addressed & fixed, you'd still have an endless high score game that everyone has already seen before. Anger would just switch to boredom, with the average time of people playing being only one minute. Because of this, Yeti Run has no potential, and the final verdict is a 1 out of 10 - The lowest it can possibly go. If this review isn't enough convincing to the creator of this game; I want them to have someone who isn't a friend of theirs, that isn't biased, to film while playing this game. That way, they can see the issues for themselves.

"1 out of 10 means that the game cannot be completed due to bugs or glitches, and is lacking in every aspect (music, graphics, gameplay, controls, story,theme) The 1 point represents the effort the creator put into the game -- there is nothing worth phrasing here. Fix the bugs, then try again."

Final Verdict: 1 out of 10
NG Rating: Not Even 1 Star

Alert messages are a terrible way to handle any kind of in-game notifications. They block the whole page, not just the game window, and you have to close them, so if it weren't for your menu screen, I wouldn't even be able to write this review without an interruption every three seconds.

The game itself is quite simple (so is the graphics), but it can provide some entertainment for a while. If you wanted to work on the game further, you could for example add few different models of trees (now there's just one model of everything), try to make the obstacles blend in the background more (because they don't do at all now) and possibly improve animations. Also, for some reason you begin with -1 Deaths, that's probably a bug. Good Luck.

MapleLeafGames responds:

I'm sorry and i do understand the issues, but i only made this project to have fun. I really don't care what other people think because if i like it and my friends like it, then that's all that matters to me.

P.S, If you want to get by the alert messages just press space when they come up. :)

Credits & Info

2.14 / 5.00

Aug 24, 2015
9:49 PM EDT