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Unleash is a top-down Racing Game. The Game consists of 3 modes:
1. Quick run ( practice your racing skills )
2. Knock-out champ ( Beat the best through a KO race )
3. Countdown ( Race against time )

Controls :
w / s -- accelerate / brake
a / d -- turn
Ctrl -- to control volume
shift -- select your car
space -- pause the race
escape -- Go Back..

To exit a race, pause it and then press escape...

Feel free to comment your thoughts about the game...

If you feel the game wasn't really fun or up to the mark, please leave your remarks on were i can improve...and HOPE you will enjoy the Game...


Well, my screen cannot focus on the game.
If I press the arrow keys, the website screen scrolls with them.

MahiScarGames responds:

Sorry for that inconvenience, i have given an alternate control for that, A W S D can be used with the same effect...

Oh god the graphics are so bad
The sound are so bad
The game are so Bad

No disrespect to professional derby racers, but you know what I realized while playing this game? That to an audience, derby races is no different from watching traffic drive around.

**ANGRY RANT INCOMING!!** (see below for details)

Going into this game, I wanted to be able to say that Unleash is the epitome of all that is racing on newgrounds... but it doesn't even equal 20%. I wish that I could go back in time before clicking on it, because so many things are missing in a car racing game. If you haven't touched it yet, then please do not play this game unless you have really easy-to-meet expectations.
I'll first start off by talking about it's controls, which is the only thing that is done decently well even though the slightest press can cause you to smash into a wall. Turning will sometimes feel unresponsive or too responsive, but never in-between. You learn to get used to it after enough time, and it no longer becomes an issue. Again, this is the only decent feature about this game. Everything else had me "Unleash" the anger!!!

Despite what it says, Unleash only has one game mode: Time-Out - Gold! If you complete that, you are the king or queen of this racing game. There is nothing left to do. In other game modes, AI race cars are present, however there's no collision when cars collide. They just pass through one-another, making the other two modes a weaker version of Time-Out. The AIs are so brain-dead, they will bullseye themselves into the red dotted wall every time on a tight turn. The only difference in the difficulty is how fast they do it.

You have the opportunity to pick your car. They give a fine amount of vehicles to pick from, all in various colours. But this the only sanity you will have in this game. It won't cover up the issues about to spawn.

- The arrow control keys are broken. When you hold up or down to accelerate or reverse, the webpage scrolls accordingly. The only way to play this game is to drive with W, A S, D. (100% confirmed bug)
- You cannot exit the game once you start racing without refreshing the entire page all-together, so if you mess up, it`s a major penalty.
- You can pause the game by opening up another tab on your computer, but you can`t legitimately pause the game.
- Graphics and art are below average. The audience looks like tiny christmas tree ornament dots, and the road lines are not even painted on correctly.
- When you complete a race, you have to sit there out of boredom and wait for all cars to cross the finish line. This is a single player racing game - players should not have to wait.
- Sometimes, your car glitches through the walls of the race track. It is unknown what trigger this. (100% confirmed bug)
- The audience will sometimes stop cheering during the middle of race, making it eerily quiet. (possible bug?)
- Only one race track play??? (possible bug?) (see angry rant below)

I wanted to see how uncompleted, how broken this now public game truly was. So I took it upon myself to play Time-out Gold, hoping it would at least unlock the other circuits. It's the final game mode, right!? The true ultimate race where time really matters! But guess what - There's NOTHING you gain for doing this! You get a "you win" message, and that's it - oh, and it shows you have fast you completed it, but who cares!
So then I tortured myself even more, and played a 15 lap hell on Knock-out - Hard difficulty, hoping that there'd be at least something worth getting out of it. Get this: I complete it, there's NOTHING! You get nothing for your hard work! What a f***ing rip-off!!!

If that's not enough to send you over the edge, wait till you read this: There's more!! Yes! Yes! There more! I'm losing my mind while typing right now, but there is! According to the Time-Out Gold, this game is only 45 seconds long! You can complete Unleash faster than a bathroom break!

:D :D :D :D :D <---I'm so happy right now

If you wanna go ahead and include the other game modes, that means the game can be completed in 2M 15S (excluding menu time), and you play the same thing 3 times in a row.......

>:D >:D >:D >:D >:D <--- I am so f***ing happy right now!!!

I guess you have to do a 16-lap race on Quick Run - Hard mode Vs 5 Racers to get anything, something which I decided not to do because 1. In the author's comments, it's officially labeled as a practice mode, so you shouldn't be able to unlock anything from this. And 2. Shame on me, right!?! Shame on me for not wanting to do it a third time! Perhaps it wants you to to drive the same track 100 times before you finally get the other circuits, or a harder difficulty right, or anything for your hard work??? F*** THIS GAME!!!! Nobody play it! You'll lose your f***ing mind!!

Along with the issues above: the car engine sound effects -- there are none, which was spposed to be one of the most important sounds in a car racing game. When driving off-road, the vehicle never slows down. Everything you drive on in this game is solid terrain despite it's art. Ah, wow! Do you see all these inconsistencies?? It makes it difficult to phrase the game for what it actually could be.

The final verdict for for Unleash was hard to decide. I know that later it will likely receive a patch for all these issues, and it doesn't seem fair to take it's potential away. But at the same time, a game's launch also effects the score, and you're able to have others beta-test before going publicly. In, the end, the anger drove out of me just couldn't be ignored, so the final verdict is a 3 out of 10! It is bad to the point where it's sloppy launch has forever damaged it's reputation. I have never been so angry with a car game in like... ever! In it's current state, people should just ignore this game all-together until the creator delivers a patch.

Final Verdict: 3 out of 10
NG Rating: 1.5 Stars

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MahiScarGames responds:

!!! WARNING !!! my English is not that good...

I really really appreciate the effort you have took to look in to the game and review it...As a Game-developer, getting a feedback is vital to grow, i do respect and am thankful for the review...

Being a game REVIEWER is though...especially when one begins to realize that playing games aren't the only criteria to become a game REVIEWER...

" I wish that I could go back in time before clicking on it, because so many things are missing in a car racing game" -- >
RACING is a genre...racing basically have one rule compete and win...

As i said, GAME REVIEWING is a skill, to become one is not that easy...Thankyou for EXPRESSING YOUR VIEWS about he game...

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2.56 / 5.00

Aug 24, 2015
4:32 AM EDT
Sports - Racing