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Snail Muncher

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Made in 48 hours for Ludum Dare 33! The theme was "You are the Monster." You can see the entry and vote here: http://ludumdare.com/compo/ludum-dare-33/?action=preview&uid=56078

Explore a dark forest and eat tasty snails! Snail Muncher result of planning too much and making massive cutbacks to add a few things.

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I guess I can't hate it that much because it was so easy for me. Of course, that's also why I didn't like it. It was just me eating snails and nothing else. There might be something I'm missing. It just said I won when I ate them all. I guess it's just too easy. The graphics aren't too bad.

I thought maybe I'd die at the end. I seem to have the same health. The music's fairly good. Spiders don't eat snails. Of course, they don't technically eat anything, they just suck their fluids out.

I loved the old school graphics. I see a great potential with your creation, and so, just like tommyengland, i'll point some thoughts :

For an eventual story : There was a war, a long time ago, where the spiders get killed by the wasps. And from your people, as you know, you remain the sole and the one last (Why not ^^)

For the goal : get nourrished with snails to regain your life, but also to fill another thing : the egg incubator. Then, you'll have to lay eggs and protect them from predators, until they hatch. After that, you'll need to ensure the newborns survive by learning them some skills (merchant in the cavern?)

For the strategies : I think the main spider should be improved at some stades of the game : she could grow, gain venomous properties, make some web traps...

That's all! Keep the inspiration!

I really. REALLY. Like this game. I want to list some things.
~I really like this art style. I don't know why. The thing I like best about this is the health meter used for the spiders health! I'm calling him Arac.
~The music in this game fits the atmosphere for hunting the snails and for waiting for nightfall.
~The spider noises for moving walking and attacking feel spidery if you get what I mean.
~Another thing about the art style, it reminds me of the style The binding of Isaac and Don't starve use. This coming from the health meter.
~Again I love the music.
~And speaking of the music it is not repetitive! I think this is something you would listen too if you were well.. out at night time. Then get creeped out by the semi dark atmosphere it gives you.
This game to me looks like it will be good i- I mean its good already but I would like to see:
~Day and night cycles are to be extended
~Day time features creatures that come to "Murder" you or "Kill your injured spider mother" Or something to drive them to attack our protagonist.
~Arac (I like that spider name but you can choose) Has an attack that lets him shoot out mini Acid (acid?) Acid balls with little green particle effects to attack the enemies who are trying to do stuff for some reason. This would be day.
~Night time: You may heal by playing eating snail in the bushes.
~You may also use this time to upgrade your spider (Arac?) using a currency the enemies drop called ... I don't know lets use GOLD as a working title.
So to sum it all up. I really like this game. It felt as if I was (ARAC) on a nightly stroll in the night time listening to this soothing music and collecting snails. Well no but it felt like I was on a nightly stroll with music. Thats my point. Anyway I hope you read this and I really, REALLY like this game and I don't want it to be forgotten. ~ Some guy who really likes this game.

Ps. The only reason I did not give 5 stars is because of the fact that the game ends rather .. abruptly when you have eaten all of the snails. And something that would be cool is a summary web of everything you did that night at the end of a day/night. But this was less important and why it was not included up there. Thanks. 4 Stars! I <3 it!

I'm guessing this game is pretty much a short preview? I don't know. It's short and you eat snails. It has a lot of potential but right now i will say it's pretty empty. I'm gonna say it COULD be a short preview otherwise yeah. for now 1.5 stars.

So I played it for 2 minutes, and here's what I got out of the game...

- Movement is a little fast, but it's okay.
- The graphics look awesome.
- I'm enjoying the day/night cycle, though I have no idea if it actually contributes to anything.
- The level design is also decent.
- No sound effects to indicate whether you're hitting the snail with your attack, and they just vanish.
- It's impossible to lose, making the game quite boring for an Action genre, which is what it's tagged under!
- Sometimes the "You win" message that pops for eating all the snails doesn't appear. (100% confirmed bug)
- My speedrun of this game is 32 seconds, making the game way too short for today's standard.

Not bad, but it needs to be longer than this to gain any appreciation.

Final Verdict: 3 out of 10
NG Rating: 1.5 Stars

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2.43 / 5.00

Aug 23, 2015
10:23 PM EDT