Frankenstein: Do-It-Yourself!

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Alchemist 5 Points

Use potion

Braindead 5 Points

Defeat Zombie

Feast for crows 5 Points

Defeat Scarecrow

Macabre Dress-up 5 Points

Put something on - arm for example :)

Storytime 5 Points

Read the story

Tale of revenge 5 Points

Start the game

Suck on this! 10 Points

Defeat Vampire

Fullmoon 25 Points

Defeat Werewolf

Child's Play 50 Points

Defeat Evil Girl

We meet again 50 Points

Defeat Scientist

Author Comments

[LudumDare] - this game was made in 48 hours for LudumDare 33. Theme was: You are the Monster.

Your creator has deemed you useless and has thrown you away (shoot you from cannon as a matter of fact). Kill his familiars, use their body parts to get stronger and show the mad scientist the FURY OF FRANKENSTEIN!
Press M - to turn on/off music

Game has implemented saves before battle and after successful battle. I wouldn't really count on them as there is risk of bugs. It's better to finsih game in one go.

Health and energy potions recover 100% of your health or energy. Attack potion doubles your attack for one combat. Attack potions don't stack.

Potions are considered used only if you won the battle.


Normal attack deals damage based on your damage.
Strong attack deals 1.5 * [normal attack damage] but has 75% to be accurate.
Special uses 15 of your energy. Deals [normal attack damage] but with 25% can deal double damage instead.

If you find any (You probably will) please PM me about them.

24.08 - DJDarkDash found bug with not proper level progression. Bug fixed.
29.09 - Potion use in battle bug found + Saves now works (it appears so)
30.09 - SFMF found bug with buying potion. Bug fixed. Minor buying bug fixed. Stencyl been acting weird so it's possible that things that used to work aren't working.

12.07.2016 - I don't know why but sometimes you can start with 0 helath and 0 gold. Clicking Erase data in main menu seems to fix it.

Link to game on LD:

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I'm not sure if it was bug or intention, but everything I bought was for free - potions, health/damage/energy points... The coin system was little bit useless for me, same as potions, since I could've just bought unlimited anything. However nice idea, simple fight style, nice graphics and controls. It's just bit too short.

t4upl responds:

Try clicking "Erase Data" before clicking "New Game". This shoudl fix it.

The game used to work fine but it seems that due to browser update the save/load system went nuts and produces a lot of unexpected results. I don't have no plans of updating this project.

A Nice Halloween themed Ludum Dare 33 game about being a monster. It made Halloween a little better.

The medals work, and I earned them all.

Game wasn't that bad, but it wasn't good either.

Honestly my only motive for continuing playing was to receive points.
I lost interest withing the first few seconds yet proceeded to see if a change would occur.
The game does seem smooth though and is a great platform for an even better game I am sure you will present. (:

Great stuff! Nice gameplay and it felt well made, just wish it had some music in the background to create a more spooky atmosphere. But overall I had fun playing what I did and it'll be something I'll go back too when I have more time!

Awesome stuff!

Credits & Info

2.79 / 5.00

Aug 23, 2015
7:05 PM EDT
Strategy - Other