Alley of the Dolls: Pt. 3

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This marks the first time using voices with professional voice talent. Part 3 is a lead-in to the action packed fourth installment, coming soon. Viewers at DrShroud.com get to vote what happens next with each installment---the viewers actually determine the outcome!


Eating Hearts!

Yummy! I like the doll that feeds on hearts thing. *Creepy* I like!

beautifully done

the only complaint I have is, why does everyone have rediculous names


Mmmm! A yummy new dose of Dr. Shroud. This soo should have been a radio drama years ago... with creepy voices, on right before or after "The Shadow." This is MARVELOUS work! Well, off to the next one.
Also, the reviewer right before me, blaze21, is really good at reviewing, taking into account everything. I wish we could start a "Favorite Reviewer" list, for recognizing good reviews, bcause there are very crappy biased, or just plain stupid reviews.

Pushing the envelope!!!

Another throughly entertaining animation about the life of Dr.Shroud. The addition of voice acting instead of text was welcomed but would have liked to see the text bubbles still included, to keep with a running theme. Thought the heart eating was gross but hey thats just my weak stomach. Evil magican is a good character and the idea of exploiting the weak innocents works well. Onto the next one...

Your movies need 'play' buttons!

It'd be really nice to be able to load the animations whilst doing something else without having to right-click and uncheck play.

It's just nice to load the movie, then come back to it in a minute or 2 and have it waiting for you.

The voices were good, although there was a little bit of distortion. The actual voice-acting was brilliant. (And unlike a lot of movies, I could understand perfectly everything that was said.)

The plot remains slightly cheesy (heightened by the voices) but entertaining and compulsive viewing.

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3.93 / 5.00

Oct 16, 2002
6:28 AM EDT
  • Daily Feature October 16, 2002