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RPG Director

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Ever wanted to direct your very own Role-Playing game, or felt that you could do a better job then most companies out there. Take control of the main protagonist and build yourself into a project manager and sell as many copies of your game world wide and show that you have what it takes to be the most powerful video game developer in the industry.



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As always, PC Master Race wins. :P

i gave ur game 5 stars cause it had chrono trigger music, well played sir well played

It's an interesting concept and a fun game. I of course will judge this as a ludum dare entry although I do really hope you'll spend more time to make it a full fledged game with more development time. The basic concept of the game is quite unique although I am not sure how exactly this falls under the "you are the monster" theme since I generally didn't feel very monstrous in making my rpg. I had a fair amount of success anyhow when I ran into it my first time. I picked PC over mobile because it sold a good deal relative to the others but unlike mobile I feel PC can... really give a better platform to an rpg since typically rpgs are reasonably large in scale. I put it in the Asian region due to numbers however... I do wish that there was an option to release to more countries but of course w/ costs to localize, ship, etc for new countries... BUT for example what if lets say I translated it to english and japanese... but since I translated to english I could ship to both the US AND some European countries w/out extra cost for translation for example since both countries speak the same language? One issue I had though was I didn't really understand what the "exp" I occassionally got was actually doing for my game. For example I got 250 exp for picking the Asian region and I wasn't quite sure if that was more a "you passed this checkpoint so you're now more experienced" or a "you made the best possible choice on this screen" reward. I also felt like I didn't understand some of the gravity of some of my choices even by the end of the game. For example I chose my age group and I... didn't really get what it did too much for the sales of my game and how people reacted to my choices. I picked music 2 because it fit my game and picked a knight as the villain because I assumed it meant the big overall villain so I thought that for my game "Curse of the disco zombies" it'd be interesting if a knight summoned them and while he's the big bad, the zombies are the uk... minion level enemies. For my budget, I put money mostly equally in each of the 4 options but I put an extra 10k in marketing and took 10k out of the tv advertisements. but again I had little understanding what each of those did for my game's sales. For the testing stage I defeated my enemy boss by using the potions as needed and using each of the options available as to me the point of testing is to uk... test all the options and I guess since I had only 1 play I assumed, I went and decided to win the battle, though I must also in theory test if any adverse effects happened if I lost the battle. i know I gained more exp when I won vs when I lost on a different file to test what happened though. I would have liked to see bonuses in the testing phase though for testing the different functions of the game (ie: using each spell/attack move/item at least once) to affect that. At the end though I got 2 badges, the selling over 2.7 million games and the other one I forget.... had a slime picture on it though iirc. Overall this is a fairly good job for a ludum dare but what I'd really like to see is a more expanded version in the future as the concept is unique and I really like it. Also I saw the reference to mother and mega man 2 in the music, a fine job in those choices :P ironically I don't know the other song even though I chose it for my game but it is just as well.

Avant-Garde responds:

Awesome review, I'll add your ideas into the extended version, there was some really good examples in there thanks.

I really thought this would be more in depth, but there really isn't much to this game. It's a fantastic concept, but there needs to be more options and consequences. This is basically a shell of what could be a great game

"Good, but quirky" 6/10 IGN
Ah this game sort of reminds me of Game Dev Simulator, but obviously oriented towards making role-playing games. The game is rather simplistic, but it does have some basic aspects of game development, although I don't see why I can't release a game worldwide. The fact that you can also try out your own game is interesting, but falls a little short. I'm amazed 2.4 million people would buy that. I'm also not sure about how exactly this game fits the ludum dare theme of "You are the monster". But nevertheless, I did include it in my Ludum Dare 33 Let's plays video as the third game: https://youtu.be/S9iaUJfSWPs . I can see a lot of future potential in your game developing capabilities so don't give up.

Avant-Garde responds:

That's awesome, I've posted your review in the comments section above.