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Hungry Joe

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* Special thanks to iamsicknerd for mixing my vocals on the intro!

This is a project I made for the PSP's 10th anniversary. Explore procedurally generated maps and collect over 150 Recipes to fight your enemies with!

Personal Note: I've been working on this since February and consider it the flagship of all the progress I've made as a developer. This is my first serious project in over a year and I would like everyone reading this to give it a chance, despite the game's rules being somewhat convoluted.

*** Right-click to toggle sound

EDIT: Major thanks for the frontpage, I REALLY appreciate it!

EDIT 2: Confused about anything? This speedrun explains pretty much everything you need to know:

EDIT 3: This is a re-upload using a soundtrack local to Newgrounds. I may replace some tracks with loops in the future if there is a demand, since right now the fading in/out is slightly awkward.

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Wow! But I thought the combat thing was a bit weird. Great job!

Kwing responds:

thx m8

I think it's very cool how you like developing games for the PSP browser it's very unusual seeing that around. The game is pretty good considering it's limitations with the PSP browse. The battle system is alot like Megaman battle network which I really like. As for the music though, it gets pretty annoying and it just seems out of place. The level design could've been a little more creative. I still thinks it's good though and you can at least put 15 minutes into this game.

Kwing responds:

The level design is procedural so there's not much I could do to change it other than rewrite the algorithm. Glad you liked this though!

I took the time to read through the reviews, so I figure I'd try to explain what I can through a fellow developer's viewpoint, I ask you to read 'till the end if you're seeing this.

Programming is tight. Controls are responsive and I didn't see any stuttering.
I like the battle system, it's unusual but fluid.
You've got some good assets to work with here that have a certain level of character; recognizable branding is a good thing.

If that's the loop your soundguy gave you, they did you a disservice. It's too short and the repeat's harsh and clear as day. That's going to be jarring for any audiophile.

The enemy movements would greatly improved by some animation, maybe like jumping in VeggieTales? I'm willing to bet you'd only need 4 frames per direction.

The one button control isn't panning out, but I'll write my take further down because it's not a con per-say.

The user interface isn't intuitive, there's a lot here but it took me about 15 minutes to figure out how everything worked. I know you've got the tutorial but I had issues piecing it together; I haven't played the Battle net game or a PSP, so maybe that's the dissonance.


The one button control scheme is a brave thing to attempt with menus, as they can be a witch to navigate. Note I'm not calling you stupid, I like the idea, but doing it right is going to be *hard*. Damn hard guy: there's a reason rpg's and other menu heavy games have a cancel button.

I'm getting the feeling there's more to the battle system than I realize, so I'm not touching it. But it's there and I know it.

Lastly, I can see the effort.

Seriously, I can, and I think that's why you're getting the reviews I've seen so far, they're not assholes, they're frustrated. You've got a solid foundation here for what could be a wicked game. You're just getting mauled by asset management and UI. No big deal, certainly better off than EA.

I don't want you to quit on this. Pull a square, fix the issues and rerelease it, and I'm damn sure you're going to have a much, much better response. I promise you.

Hell, if you want, PM me. I can be a sounding board, maybe help out with code if I've got the time.

Kwing responds:

The sound loops I had to splice myself. A few of the tracks I picked had voice samples in them, and the loops I have are the longest I could get without including them. Most loops that are under 20 seconds were fitted for this reason.

I sort of understand what you're saying about animating the enemies. Considering there are 50 sprites in all, it would be quite the challenge to do even four frames for every one, though I suppose it might have been a good idea even to have a tweening animation.

The one-button system was designed for the PSP, which can only accept one-button input from a Flash game. I kept it this way from the beginning and liked the elegance of it, so I figured I would just keep it. It's frustrating, because I begged over a dozen people to test this game out for me and only one or two people actually gave constructive feedback.

I appreciate the review and your offer to help, however I specifically released this game before my fall semester because I knew I would not have time to continue working on it once classes started. If I were to pick this game up again it would likely be in a very distant future. As it stands, I'm pretty satisfied with the outcome, though I wouldn't object to going back and patching this stuff up.

This game is severely lacking in a number of departments. First lack of propoer sounds and music, they hardly fit with the theme of the game. Second, art itself is quite poor, maps are executed hastily without any care for detail, enemies aren't much more than just a stationary image, the graphic quality itself isn't homogeneus; it should be a single kind of art, yet there is no such thing. Also menus are incredibly hard to navigate, considering how everything works with a single button. This should be corrected.

I don't recommend this game.

Kwing responds:

I'm really lost for words on this one, mainly because pretty much everything you said equates to this game being ugly. I really don't see how the foods could NOT be a stationary image... In most games, you see people breathing, or having running animations, but what the heck is a running loop for a bowl of cereal supposed to look like? And how is the art style not homogeneous when everything is pixelated and food-themed?

I know I'm getting way too salty over these reviews but there's really nothing worse than getting a bad review from someone that won't spend more than five minutes on a game that took more than five months to make.

I should love the shit out of this game because I adore the Megaman Battle Network series, but this game is just lacking in comparison.

How come you have great sprite work on display for the enemies, yet all we get for maps is an MS Paint job?

Nearly every animation consists of a single frame, and that's never a good look.

And the worst part for me personally has got to be the music. I'm not even against this genre, but the music in this game just does not keep me motivated. It's almost like an afterthought that needs to be there for the game not to be silent.

Right now, there is absolutely nothing in this game that convinces me to play it. Looking at pretty food sprites just doesn't cut it. It's neither a horrendous game nor one that I could see myself playing for hours, which is the point of roguelikes these days. You want to keep playing. If that aspect is missing, something went wrong.

As it stands, it's an average time waster with a ton of room for improvement. If you take the MBN system, you better do it properly or else it falls flat. I didn't even touch upon the user interface because it worked and I didn't care that much, but objectively speaking, even that could look better and provide more information.

(There's currently a glitch, by the way, that doesn't show you the area of effect for the first recipe on the list once it comes up in battle, so you need to switch back and forth first to see it.)

Kwing responds:

I'm not sure what to say to this. You have some good points, but as far as the actual gameplay goes you haven't really given much feedback. All you've said is that it looks and sounds bad, and you haven't even gotten far enough into the game to have gotten a game over.

When it comes to the dungeon maps, I thought a lot about what I could do to make it look decent. Since it's drawn procedurally, it would inevitably end up looking basic, but I figured leaving it plain would be better than masking a bad texture over it (I worked on a game called Smidge that looks absolutely terrible because of that exact mistake.) And for the life of me I can't see what the soundtrack is lacking, aside from longer loops I suppose. The tracks were very carefully hand-picked to be the best 90s beats I could find.

I can't help wondering if you weren't motivated because you found the game to be too easy. The game used to be a lot harder, but constant complaints lead me to ease up the difficulty to the point where it may not hold interest for someone familiar with MBN. Then again, if you'd played through to the end you might have found a bit more of a challenge.