Monster Lab: Feed Them All

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The lab is full of cute monsters and they must be fed!

- Use arrow keys to feed monsters the proper colored food.
- You have 1 minute to feed as many monsters as possible.
- Play fast and perfectly to rack-up huge combos.
- Trigger 5 cool power-ups by playing fast.
- Earn coins each time you play and use them to unlock 3 unique boosts.
- 10 challenging achievements to earn.
- Get the highest score and get featured on the leaderboard.

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Eh. Spam left and up arrow. BUT YOU HAVE POTENTIAL.

"WTF? You expect people to stick around to grind that many coins to buy something? Either you did this to advertise the icon above PLAY, or you were missing a few brain cells when you thought it was a good idea to put in a grind for a simple puzzle high score game." - First Impressions After 5 Minutes of Playing

Monster Lab: Feed Them All is another puzzle high score game added to the newgrounds library, and is actually done fairly well. The object of the game is to feed the same colour of fruit to the monsters above. You are given a total of 60 seconds (90 seconds if you took the Extra Time boost), and must shuffle the fruit in the correct order so that they feed the proper coloured monsters. Each row you feed gives you 1 point, and increase your combo; capped at x10. Attempt to feed the wrong fruit and your combo will drop to x1 again.

Score Chart
+1 for each monster row fed
+10 for feeding monsters a rainbow fruit.
--> multipled by (combo) [[Example: Your combo is currently x3, each monster row you feed gives you 3 points, or 30 points for rainbow fruits]]

Every now and then, an opportunity to gain a power-up during the game will happen. You will then have 8 seconds to feed 5 monster rows to obtain said power-up, which will activate instantly. The power-up that appears is always random, and doesn't seem to follow any sot of pattern. Here are the official names of each boosts along with the effects...
EXTRA TIME -- The countdown timer is given +10 seconds -- Extending your game time.

INSTANT COMBO -- Your combo is given a +2 increase. [[Example: If your combo was x5 when you picked it up, it is now x7]]

FREEZE COMBO -- Combo freezes to whatever it is at the time. Your combo will seise to increase or decrease for 10 seconds, which can help or hinder you.

FREEZE TIME -- The Countdown timer freezes, extending your game time for 10 seconds. It is unknown if this contributes to Extended Dinner achievement - Verification needed.

RAINBOW FRUIT -- The next 3 rows will always be rainbow fruit, for an instant 30+ points. (4 rows instead if Rainbow Fruits boost is active)

When the game is over, your score gets converted to coins, which you can use to buy consumables called Boosts to help improve the amount of score you get per-game. There are 3 different ones you can buy, and it's somewhat of a grind in the beginning to be able to purchase one. It's 4500 coins to activate all three boosters for one game, so you're looking at about 6 to 15 games of playing on average. Once you have all 3 boosters though, making coins become ridiculously easy. I reckon that the average player will make about 6000 coins by the time consumables have to be repurchased. It makes you buy 3 of whatever you purchse, and they activate immediately. You can toggle which consumables are active by clicking on the check-box before you start the game.

The key to success with Monster Lab: Feed Them All is to take your time. It's more about your combo than the actual amount of monsters that you feed, so you're better off going slow & steady for the guaranteed points rather than the fast & furious for high risk/reward. And only use the Boosts if you're stock-piling coins or going after the achievements.

Now for the issues with the game...
- Rainbow Fruit boost, Rainbow Fruit power-up, Rainbow Fruit fruit, too many things are named Rainbow Fruit in this game.
- If you mute the music or sound before you start the game, you can't turn it back on during the 3-2-1-GO count despite the icon saying it's turned on. (100% Confirmed bug)
- The coin grind is going to drive new players away. When I first started, I was only getting like 200 to 400 coins per-game and thought the cost price for each boost was ridiculous. Unfortunately, I see no way to correct this without giving veteran players a free pass, but this is a deception that will infuriate new players.
- Only the one game mode, making the game too repetitive & short.

[[This is a lot of math work - skip to the recap section if you only want the short version]]
The "Rainbow!" achievement. It wants you to feed 75 Rainbow Fruits to monsters, which is equivalent to 25 rows. And you can't have the Rainbow Fruit Boost active, so the only way to do it is to get the Rainbow Fruit power-up, which gives you 3 rows containing 9 pieces of fruit, which means....... you need to get Rainbow Fruit power-up 9 times to do this achievement! However, the power-up only appears at a 20% frequency, and it wants us to battle these odds 9 times!?! Power-ups only drop every 7 to 10 seconds. Assuming you get what you need every time at 7 seconds, that's a total of 63 seconds, so the Extra Time Boost has to be activated. In total, if you are lucky, you have 11 chances Maximum to get 9 Rainbow Fruit power-ups. Let's recap...
- Extra Time Boost has to be active.
- The Rainbow fruit power-up has to appear 9 times during your game.
- Only a 20% chance that the Rainbow Fruit power-up will even appear, and you have to battle this 9 times....
- Combine all frequencies together, and the actual chance of you getting this achievement per-game is less than 1% ............... F****************!!!!
There's no f***ing way anyone's doing this achievement! How many games did you expect us to play this game?? You think we're gonna waste our life on this?? F*** that! This achievement has to be changed, or removed from the game completely!!

This is a perfect game for exercising your brain & coordination. I had a lot of fun with this game, and hopefully other players will too. The final verdict for Monster Lab: Feed Them All is a 6 out of 10 - slightly above average. The loss of points come from it's early grind in a high score puzzle game, bulls*** achievements such as Rainbow! and Monster City, and just generally expecting the average player to play the only single game mode it has way too much. Aside from this, everything else is great, including it's graphics, controls, gameplay, even it's sounds & music doesn't feel repetitive. I would like to personally thank the author for bringing this to us, and hope to see more.

Final Verdict: 6 out of 10
NG Rating: 3 Stars

imperiousinteractive responds:


Firstly, thank you so much for taking the time and writing a detailed review of my game. Rants and all! I've always wanted to be in the head of a player when they play my game and you have provided me the closest thing possible.

I completely agree with most of your views on the game. A few things I'd like to address a few things:
1. Bug with music button - I'll be fixing this shortly and updating the game.
2. Difficulty in achieving Rainbow achievement - Would it be better if I removed the 'no-powerup' restriction?

Thank you once again for the review!

Very fun game

imperiousinteractive responds:

Thank you!

Pretty addicting game. Time based gameplay is good for competitive play but there is a loop hole just press your keys until the monster smiles and boom you have found their food other than that amazing job would spend hours trying to become number one

imperiousinteractive responds:

Thank you! Nice to see that you identified the smiling mechanic!

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Aug 19, 2015
5:35 PM EDT
Puzzles - Falling