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One of the animations from "Qrime" series. "Qrime" depicts human nature but the dark side of it. Some of the animtions from the series have been shown at iFilm, Alwaysi, "Klik" exhibition in Munich, Viper Film Festival in Switzerland, Wen Del Sol, Word.Com, etc. This particular one is called "Harakiri" It's a quick movie about the Japanese traditional suicide form.


best movie

i thik that was cool and you should make more. Very good and i know that it is deeper then what we see.

I think I get it.

It starts out with this artsy stuff to look pretentious ...and then just as you think this is some deep philisophical examination of the soul bullshit...THE GUY KILLS HIMSELF AND THE BIG BAD EVIL NINJA MAN IS COMMING!!! and cuts that fuckers head off in the VERY funny low brow style anyone can appreciate...Top work dawg, good show!!!!Keep'em comming.

One of the better entries I've seen in a while

The graphics and animation were superb, especially where the charachter turned into a Buddha with the rings of enlightenment shining forth. when the truth set in though, well... oops? The addition of the poetry was an unexpected and welcome twist as well, in a place filled with utterances of "die, biatch!", it was refreshing! Good work, and I'd love to see some more of your work in this vein (no pun intended).


This is what flash should be. Poetry with deep meaning and not stick figures swearing at each other.

Very nice, I liked this one

Whoa, I like this movie, one of the more serious one that I have found so far. I like the depiction of Harikiri, and the almost philisophical text that comes with it, nice job, I score it high

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2.51 / 5.00

Oct 10, 2000
11:05 PM EDT
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