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Pixel Land

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Author Comments

A old school retro game inspire by games like Mario.
The game is not done yet this is just a taste of whats to come, controls for game are left right, press ctrl to run up to jump space and arrow keys to navigate main menu.


level 2 is for testing the new item system at
the moment

Added a new shop system now the coins
are there for a purpose, thanks for the idea

Item system is still not done only the 2 first items work.

You can buy extra lives or get your health back up.

The area with the lasers guarding the portal does damage now.

Refined the levels.

Numerous bugs fixed

Score system fixed
Tank wont give over 1000 points.

when off screen, it now subtracts one life

Enemies only take 1 life now.

Latest level now not available due to
it being unfinished and unbeatable
after killing the mushroom boss.

Font for lives and score changed.

Updated graphics, slightly more detail
on things, as well as some parts re-designed.

Now has save state when after beating tank.

Known issues

lasers dont do damage,

The big enemy gets stuck

invisible wall in grass lands at start

hint switch block in level 1 does not work

hint block does not work every time you jump on it. Have not enough time to read text. Not fixed yet.

Sounds need to be adjusted.

Needs music.

Player gets hit when jumping on tank cause of spawn point Fixed, or improved.

Player gets stuck and cant move on certain parts of the tiles.

Let me know if there is any other bugs, thanks.

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I'm impressed, I think a lot of the current issues will be worked out in time and this'll be a great game in its final form.

MiazElement responds:

hey sorry i kind of gave up on that project try out my new game i been making called G desktop demo.

Pixel Land is a perfect example of what happens when you don't have beta-testers to play the game; or you do have beta-testers but they're lying to you through their teeth when they say "The game is perfect! Put it out there and show everyone your masterpiece of a project! I bet you'll get good ratings!" The object is to simply get to the end. It's a platforming game, very simulator to the Mario Bros. games for Nintendo. Every now and then, you battle a boss enemy, which you have to kill by jumping on. This is the most unique part of the game, and what players will come back for... as everything else in this game is a cookie-cut of thing we've already seen before from other games!!! The fun factor is there, but the originality is poor!
The life system is horribly bugged. When you die by skeleton, you lose 2 lives instead of 1. And if you fall off the cliff you no lives at all. Lives dip into the negative instead of giving a game over at 0. Because of this, lives don't matter at all, and any time you die you have to redo the current level you were on.

There's a scoring system in this game, which is just there to look pretty. Anyway, here's the score chart...
+1 for each green coin collected
+1 for each skeleton killed
+50 for each yellow coin collected
+1815 for killing the Tank boss

More issues discovered with this game...
- The forest level is lagging so bad, like we're playing in slo-motion.
- The graphics could be better. I couldn't tell if the small white creature was a bunny-rabbit or a baby kangaroo. And I have no idea what the purple enemy is.
- The second help switch in the tutorial does noting. (possible bug?)
- Jumping on springboard does a spring animation, but you don't jump. (possible bug?)
- Jumping on the skeletons in the level after the tank boss will cause you to get hurt if you jump on two of them simultaneously . (100% confirmed bug)
- The author's comments says it's unfinished, but you don't have the game tagged as demo, or it saying demo in the title.
- When I say this game has poor originality: we are killing things by jumping on them, walking on mushrooms and climbing beanstocks in one level. What does that remind you of?

There is a tree boss in the forest level that you have to kill to move on, but guess what: you can't! It's invincible! You can knock it's health down to 1 point, but it will stay alive after that, which means this game cannot be completed, which is different from "unfinished game" because the players don't know where it's supposed to end. It is an unfair dick move for a developer to do.

This may be a demo, but I am giving this a full-fledged review and will be rating it as if it is completed for two reasons...
1. It isn't tagged or titled as demo.
2. The author disregarded the gamers that play this. We, the gamers, do NOT want to play unfinished games!
The sad part is I actually would have liked this game had it been completed. I would have liked it if it wasn't full of bugs, if the graphics were better and less of a clone, and most certainly if the game could be completed. Maybe it be a whole not better when the full game really does come out, but the final verdict for this piece of s*** is a 2 out of 10! The NG Rating however is only a half-star for it's sloppy launch and being a public game that cannot be completed. Play-test your game before you put it out to the public.

Final Verdict: 2 out of 10
NG Rating: Not Even 1 Star (rounded down)

This is pretty decent for an in-progress game. However there are some noticeable flaws that should be fixed by the time the game is finished.

For example, the visual production quality of the whole thing is noticeably low. Things like font choices and a somewhat inconsistent aesthetic break the immersion of the game. You should attempt to further refine the design of the game. Also, the aesthetic itself comes off as more cheap or "first game" looking than retro. This can easily be fixed by adding a bit more detail to the sprites. Also, no offense, but the pseudo-Mario look kind of works against the rest of the game, as once again it makes it cheap-looking. The level sprites need more variation.

The audio production quality, as it should be for a retro game, is low. However, you should maybe consider equalizing the audio (a lot of noises are too much louder or quieter than the others), and perhaps add some chip tune music in the background. More sound effects are also needed, for things like exiting levels and maybe even random growls and such from enemies.

But drop all of that for a second, let's talk about the actual gameplay. The control are solid enough, though a bit slippery. This probably isn't going to make anyone ragequit anytime soon, but be careful not to turn it into a cheap cause of death during long jumps in the levels. Speaking of the levels, the level design is meh at best. The problem is that you're playing too safe with the player. Try to include more complex design like back tracking or different sections (think like the pipes leading underground from the surface in Super Mario Bros.) The enemies in the game are very generic looking, and need more detail so that they don't look like placeholders for the final enemies. Everything feels bland, repetitive, and rushed and/or poorly made.

Overall, for the moment it is a more bad-mediocre experience than anything else. Try to add some unique gameplay features to separate the game from the hundreds of popular platformers, so that it may have a better chance of getting some recognition.

Good luck with your game and I wish you success in making it a great game :)

Credits & Info

2.86 / 5.00

Aug 18, 2015
7:10 PM EDT