Nobody catches Juancho: first nightmare

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What is wrong with you, Juan Carlos?

You are a nobody. The only meaning of your life is killing while trying to break free.

The only talent of Juancho is being a crazy murderer. No matter how strong they are, nobody can beat that. Nobody can catch Juancho.

JOYSTICK SUPPORT!! Just plug the joystick after the first level. Any kind of controller is supported (I think).

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How many levels are there? As far as I can tell, they're randomly generated and go on forever.

Constantly sliding on ice, enemies that see you even in shadow, not being able to see yourself or walls in shadow?

Were you just trying to make a bad game?

i love this game, i have fun, but then i realized u have a random-stone generate system, and i had to suicide myself to get stones close to me :<

i really liked the game except for a few things.

i liked the intro, the story and the writing, all that was awesome.

I see what you were trying to do with the "slick" controls. A person cant stop from a full sprint instantly which is why you make a little slide effect when you stop running. However you confused this with the "walking on ice" effect. Walking on ice, no matter how slowly you move, you will slide. But with the effect you are trying to create, he should only side after building to max speed. This effect i did not like.

The other effect i did not like was "cant see in the dark" i understand you wanted the player to be disoriented in the dark, and to not be able to see where they are going or where their characters/enemies are, but you ended up creating confusion on where the walls are. Please just make the walls grey or something to eliminate this.

Lastly i rarely support randomizing levels. When you randomize levels it brings luck into the equation and limits the use of skill and reasoning and brings it into the realm of trying over and over until the conditions are right. I notice that the rocks some times move around, this is what i am referring to. I came to play a skill game, not a slot machine.

you missed those three points so i gave you a 70% rating. i liked the atmosphere you created and overall experience of the game.

Its.....odd. The controls are somewhat sloppy, that you sorta slide like you're on ice. Beginning the game it took me quite awhile to realize that that you could sort of, go through parts of the wall...? In some cases, it almost seems like you don't need to be clever. In one stage it seems you're supposed to hit the guy with the gun, but I simply ran toward the exit and got through without actually having to use the rock itself at all. The grahics reminds me of atari, which is pretty interesting, but aside that....it seems moreso frustrating than fun, trying to find out where the actual doors are and all...

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2.64 / 5.00

Aug 17, 2015
5:22 PM EDT
Action - Other