Dark Underground Catacombs Escape

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The word catacombs makes you have a really bad feeling. You have never actually been in some catacombs, still you have an uncontrolled fear of them. So when some dark underground catacombs have been discovered in the town, you already knew this time you won’t escape. As you work for the local newspaper, you boss wants this on first page. So you have to make the best article about it and this means you have to go down there and explore. Even against your will you went and as expected, you got in trouble. You got trapped in the catacombs and you have to escape. Use the mouse to play.

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I like that there were many levels in this game which allowed entry to the next location upon solving the puzzles. The first maths puzzle was the only one I enjoyed. The last two puzzles were annoying. First, there were subtle differences when comparing the two black and white photos. Second, I couldn't see the letters on a safe until I realised I could zoom in the screen.

aw, little Cthulhu greenman heads on the archway! I love you.

Too easy.

Please do yourself and all your players a favor and mute the voice at the beginning. It's so cruel to hear it EVERY time i play one of your games ... Just a short tune, or simply no sound (that would be the best; and since you have a pretty unique logo, you don't need a sound) to make it more comfortable for your fans and followers.

The voice at the beginning only deserves blamming but there was so much more wrong with this than obnoxiousness. First the puzzles were too easy I only got stuck once and it was because I didn't get what was being asked of me. Another time I genuinely hoped the puzzle had another layer too it. Now then I normally don't get on people for misspellings but if you misspell orange that bad people will look down on your work! Finally this game had no ambiance I didn't trapped, caged, or even barred. I just don't think this level of work is what you want representing you right now. Keep trying I know you can do better than this.

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2.48 / 5.00

Aug 17, 2015
3:03 AM EDT
Adventure - Point 'n Click